3 eCommerce email tips to increase conversions

Written on 04 April, 2016 by TPP Wholesale
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Email marketing has been regarded as the second best marketing channel for ROI, and in today's article we are going to explore three simple changes you can make to your email marketing to help increase your conversion rate.

1. Sell in your welcome email

Did you know that the welcome email receives more opens than any other type of email? Well it's true: on average 50% of people open a welcome email:

Welcome email statistics


Does your welcome email only welcome users to your website with no direct call-to-action? If so, you're doing it wrong.

Come up with a new welcome email that directs prospects to make the next logical step in their buying journey. That could be to:

1. Sign up to your website

2. Follow you on social media

3. Take a free-trial of your SaaS (Software as a Service) tool

4. Buy a product

5. Visit your local store

Listing your most popular products within your welcome email could also help to instantly convert prospects into customers.

Tip: place a time-sensitive voucher in your welcome email to help convert on-the-fence prospects into happy customers even faster.

2. Reclaim lost customers

Every business will have customers who bought a few times and were never to be seen again.

Perhaps your emails ended up going into their spam folder, maybe they started using a competitor or perhaps life just got in the way and they totally forgot about your business.  

Whatever the reason may be, you should make a conscious attempt to win them back. After all, it's much easier to reactivate old customers than it is to find new ones.

Run a filter on all customers who haven't used your business in 3 months and send them a personalised email asking why they left. Attach a small time-sensitive voucher to again push them off the fence and back to spending at your business.

This should be a weekly task to continually reactivate old customers.

3. Cart abandonment emails

According to Business Insider, in 2013 around 74% of online shopping carts were abandoned, which totalled around $4 trillion in online sales.

There's a good chance that a portion of your website visitors add items to their cart but abandon their trolley before checkout. What to do?

Try sending an email politely reminding them that you've saved their cart and asking whether they experienced any issues checking out. Websites timing out or crashing is a major cause for cart abandonment:

Cart abandonment reasons


This is exactly what Flavair do when a signed-in customer adds items to their cart but doesn't checkout:

Flaviar cart abandonment email


Email marketing is a powerful tool when used correctly. Each of these three email suggestions can be set up as auto-responders to be triggered when users make a certain action, letting you to put everything on autopilot.

A few simple tweaks in your email copy can result in a huge increase in sales overnight. Get started on these today!