5 Australian startups set to make waves globally

Written on 17 September, 2015 by James Baylis
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From Airbnb to Uber, the age of the startup is definitely here – and Australia's rising stars are set to make some big waves around the world.

1. GO1

Smart startup GO1 recognised that compliance training is a must for the majority of businesses and that it's a time-consuming and often boring process, so it quickly worked to provide a fun and interesting alternative.

GO1's core is a group of entrepreneurs who each bring different skills to the mix, making them flexible and ready to capitalise on their early success. Already boasting 150,000 users around the world, GO1's expansion into America was helped by seed fund Y Combinator’s summer program and the startup has received $1 million from investor Steve Baxter and Sydney venture capital firm Tank Stream Ventures. Co-founder Andrew Barnes plans to use the cash to grow the business both locally and globally.

2. PetHomeStay

Pet care is a massive industry and the team behind PetHomeStay have created an Airbnb-inspired system to help pet owners find local homes for their pets to stay in while they are holidaying or travelling for business. Based on a 15% service fee, PetHomeStay not only connects owners with homes, it also provides insurance cover for the duration of the stay.

The business was founded by Bronwyn and Tom LeGrice who hated leaving their own pets in kennels and spotted an interesting gap in the market. PetHomeStay launched as a free venture in August 2012 and was reinvented as a paid service in 2014, giving the owners time to perfect the idea before charging their audience. As Australians continue to increase spending on pampering their pooches, the business has plans to expand into as many new regions as possible.

3. FunCaptcha

Australian firm FunCaptcha wants to revolutionise the captcha game by replacing the random sequence of numbers and letters computers use to distinguish between human and automated input with fun mini-games. The business was born at a startup weekend in Brisbane, where co-founder Kevin Gosschalk found his perfect match in game developer Matthew Ford.

Having identified a gap in the market and a unique selling point, the founders quickly attracted $1 million in venture capital. Their product is now used by more than 30,000 websites and the pair plan to scale it up by finding new ways to use their distinctive concept.

4. Airspaced

Airspaced is another startup that's taken a page from Airbnb's entrepreneurial books, focusing on helping people with short-term commercial or personal rentals. Founder Simon Hanlon noticed demand was increasing for flexible working environments in Australia and realised that by facilitating flexible letting arrangements, he could launch a successful venture that's perfect for other startups.

The company is now rebuilding its technology platform and website so it can begin servicing areas across Melbourne and Sydney and expand into more regions.

5. Pocketbook

This cool startup created an app to allow people to aggregate all their personal finance statements, income, spending and budgeting in one handy place. While other companies had tried similar ventures, Pocketbook created a particularly slick and functional app and had the perfect pitch to persuade major banks to sign on.

Frequently near the top of the iTunes Finance List, the company looks set to go from strength to strength and the logical next step would be raising capital to expand into other countries.

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