5 jobs of the future

Written on 04 January, 2016 by TPP Wholesale
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From delivery drones and 3D printing to the Internet of Things and increased social media link-ups, technology has taken us into some exciting new frontiers recently. But what will these changes mean for the future job market? Let’s take a look at the new jobs likely to grace recruitment boards in the near future.

1. Drone programmers

As drone technology improves and becomes more refined, it's very likely a whole new host of applications will open up – creating a need for qualified programmers to manage this flying tech. From retail delivery to news reporting or medical supply carriers, the possibilities are endless, and programmers and remote pilots are sure to find they have plenty of employment options to choose from.

2. Gamification designer

An increase in handheld tech and the massive leaps and bounds that smartphones and tablets have made in recent years has given rise to gamification. This method of taking game mechanics and game design techniques and applying them to apps and programs works to engage and motivate people into achieving their goals in everything from fitness to learning a new language. As gamification becomes an increasingly present part of our lives, there's likely to be a great demand for professionals who can transform boring tasks into fun and engaging experiences.

3. Big-data architects

A world that's becoming more tech driven is also a world that generates a huge amount of data. The more connected people – and their devices – are, the bigger the trail they leave behind, and this information can be incredibly valuable to businesses. The problem is that this information can be very hard to harness and make sense of, and that's where big-data architects will shine.

4. 3D printing designers

The future of 3D printing is set to be massive – who doesn't want the ability to download a set of plans and see their heart’s desire printed within a matter of minutes? In a world where anyone can print anything, the designers behind those downloadable plans will be in the greatest demand.

5. Simplicity expert

For many businesses, the biggest challenge in an increasingly technology-driven world will be paring down information and processes to the basics in order to improve their bottom line. To this end, simplicity experts – people able to help businesses of all kinds streamline and simplify operations – will come to the fore.

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