5 New Year resolutions for your business

Written on 21 December, 2015 by TPP Wholesale
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Turn the holiday season to your advantage and make the New Year better than ever with some top resolutions for making the workplace a more efficient, productive, happier and healthier place in 2016.

1. Find ways to help staff stay fit

Exercise is one of the best ways to relieve stress and boost feel-good hormones, so who wouldn't want employees who take the time to feel the burn? Organise group physical training at a gym, outdoors or with a personal trainer to encourage a healthy lifestyle in the office. According to the Australian Medical Association, interventions promoting physical activity in the workplace can provide benefits for employees as well as the organisation overall.

2. Reorganise workspaces for a fresh start

The longer you've been in an office space, the more likely it is that the original décor and design has been subsumed by necessity. Use the New Year as an excuse to take a closer look at everything from desk placement to clutter issues. Introduce some space savers, shuffle workstations and see if you're able to introduce a breakout area for staff to enjoy.

3. Schedule regular lunch dates

Help foster closer friendships in the workplace and nip problems in the bud by inviting your team to a regular lunch date. Once a week, have a day where you all get together – whether in the office or out – and have fun eating together. Just make sure the topics of conversation are about more than what's going on in the office.

4. Introduce physio sessions

For employees to perform to the best of their abilities, they need to have their mind on the job – not on neck pain, back twinges or RSI. Help cut down on injuries and strains by booking a physiotherapist to visit once a month and share office exercise suggestions among staff.

5. Encourage staff projects and engagements

If you've noticed a sluggish air in the office around the festive period, this is the perfect way to get staff firing on all cylinders again. Introduce a policy for supporting independent staff research and allow team members to make time in their busy schedules to investigate the things that really make them passionate about their jobs – you never know what wonderful ideas they might end up bringing to the table.

Are there any other resolutions you think should be on the list?