6 benefits of SSL certificates

Written on 25 January, 2016 by TPP Wholesale
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Are you a reseller looking to offer e-commerce clients the best and most secure service possible? SSL certificates could be the ideal add-on for you.

If you have e-commerce clients and you're not already familiar with the many benefits of SSL certificates, you're missing out. An SSL, or secure sockets layer, is an essential form of security for sites that handle sensitive information, and they are a great way for your clients to increase sales, build trust and avoid security breaches.

So what can SSL certificates really do for your clients?

1. Protect sensitive information

Designed to encrypt sensitive information such as phone numbers and credit card details, SSL certificates will give your clients confidence that they can protect their customers’ details. Encryption is important because when someone enters their details on a computer, that information will pass through several channels on its way to the final destination – and if it’s not encrypted, it’s vulnerable to capture.

2. Offer reliable authentication

In addition to encryption, SSL certificates will also provide the authentication needed to show that any information your client sends is going to the appropriate server. A server protection certificate will also be produced so your customer can check to ensure they're interacting with your site and not an imposter.

3. Accept payments online

Clients who want to offer credit card purchases through their site must have SSL certificates with encryption of at least 128 bits to comply with the rules laid out by the Payment Card Industry, an independent organisation working to protect consumers around the world.

4. Improve brand image

When your clients use an SSL certificate, they will also be able to add icons, seals and images that indicate the level of encryption they're providing for their customers. This is an important exercise in building brand credibility and one that all e-commerce clients should be aware of.

5. Build consumer trust

With an SSL certificate and the HTTPS protocol that comes with it, customers will know they're dealing with a website that invests in security. Research indicates that 63% of website shoppers will avoid purchases from websites that aren't SSL secured.

6. Guard against phishing

It's harder for malicious email senders to target sites that have SSL certificates in place. The certificates are hard to obtain, which means phishers won't be able to properly impersonate a secure site and are more likely to be recognised by consumers as fake.

Offer your clients SSL certificates

With 256-bit encryption, an internationally recognised security mark and 99% browser compatibility, our GeoTrust SSL certificates provide excellent security and are easy to order through the Admin Panel.

Find out more about offering your clients a way to safely transfer their sensitive data with SSL.