6 ways domain names impact SEO and social media

Written on 15 February, 2016 by Verity Meagher
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The domain name a business chooses for its website is much more important than you might believe. In fact, domain names can influence a website’s performance in several aspects, from its search engine ranking to its social media impact. 

1. Overly generic keyword domains lose value

There was a time when choosing a domain name heavy on industry-related keywords was a good bet for boosting SEO performance, but those days are long gone. Now, using a domain name that is too reliant on keywords is unlikely to win your business any favours from search engines.

2. Spammy domains can damage user trust

What’s more, businesses that try to use their domain names as a way to advertise their services are in danger of damaging their reputation with clients. Including too many keywords and hit terms, such as cheap/cheapest/best, can see users avoid that website entirely.

3. Premium keyword domains can still be effective

That said, there are some keywords and niches that can work well in domain names. For example, by swapping generic keywords such as ‘bestcarsonline’ for more descriptive ones such as ‘hybridcars’, businesses are more likely to see an improvement in click-through rates and less likely to face scepticism from consumers.

4. Brand names make good starting points

While businesses with unique products or unusual marketplaces may find that a keyword-rich domain is effective for them, most businesses find their brand name is better. Choosing a domain name is like laying a foundation for the rest of your business’s online presence, so it makes sense that it should be a (well-researched and unique) brand name.

5. Brandable domain names link socially 

By choosing a brandable domain name, your business can ensure its website is clearly linked to its social pages and networks. Using the same name everywhere reinforces brand recognition and helps build user trust across various platforms.

6. New gTLDs can incorporate keywords

Businesses can also consider using some of the new generic top-level domains available as a way to incorporate both keywords and brand names into their domains. With everything from .holiday to .pizza now on offer, it’s possible to move away from simply .com and .net to include something more specific to your particular industry.

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