7 tips to avoid lost sales this Christmas

Written on 09 November, 2015 by TPP Wholesale
Categories: E-commerce | Tags: e-commerce, online business

Christmas has the potential to be the busiest and most profitable time of year for e-commerce businesses, but this is dependent on having a website that’s optimised to deal with the rush and streamline the sales process. Prepare your e-commerce site for the influx of customers and maximise sales this Christmas with these seven tips.

1. Add some seasonal fun to your site

Adding a little festive flair to your site is a quick and easy way to alert customers to the fact that you're primed and ready for business. Include images of gifts under a tree to advertise your gift-wrapping service, insert coloured lights around your logo or attract attention to the gift section by adding seasonal colours of red, white and green.

2. Streamline your checkout process

Take the time to run through your checkout process. Christmas shoppers who are busy visiting multiple sites with a long shopping list want to be able to check out quickly and efficiently. Ensure your system can handle a large number of shoppers simultaneously so there are no hiccups in the checkout process.

3. Provide a reason for visiting your site

There may be more shoppers at this time of year, but there's also increased competition for their attention. Give people a reason for choosing your site over the competition by running special promotions. Try using ones that change every day or every few days, such as an advent-calendar style promotion where you can entice customers to return frequently.

4. Highlight your Christmas returns and delivery policies

When buying seasonal gifts, shoppers want to know two things: whether the item they buy will arrive in time for Christmas, and what they can do if the gift isn't suitable. Answer their questions immediately by displaying return policies prominently and sharing your delivery dates front and centre.

5. Promote your special offers on social media

This is an excellent time of year to make the most of your social media accounts. Promote all your special deals through social media and drum up buzz around your best Christmas bargains. Images tend to be the best way to attract attention on networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, so take some great product pictures to share.

6. Ensure you are contactable

Over the festive season, shoppers tend to be more stressed than usual – and stress can make everything a little trickier than normal. Help your customers stay calm by highlighting your phone number and email address. Expect an increase in communications, from questions about products to panics about postage, and prepare staff so they can respond in a timely manner.

7. Start preparing for the post-Christmas sales

The seasonal fun is only just beginning, but that doesn't mean you should be slacking off. Ready your promotions for the post-Christmas sales and set a date for removing your seasonal decorations – there's nothing sadder than tinsel in January.