Affordable ways to take your business to the cloud

Written on 17 March, 2015 by TPP Wholesale
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Can your business afford to ignore the benefits of cloud computing?

Cloud computing has revolutionised online-storage solutions, offering simple, scalable storage and ease of access. Now is the time to switch to cloud - take a look at our pick of the top companies for saving you money and keeping your data safe.

When considering a potential cloud company, there are three main factors you should keep in mind: reputation, price and reliability. You need a service that is not only affordable, but one that provides the uninterrupted uptime and high security measures you require.

Amazon Web Services

AWS is one of the most competitive cloud solutions available. Not only is it one of the largest providers, it also has a solid track record and the benefit of being part of a huge, multinational corporation. It offers free trials of many of its software products, allowing you to dip a toe in the water before committing. Amazon is well on its way to becoming a front runner in the public cloud; however, competition remains fierce when it comes to business applications.

Google Cloud Platform

Google has huge potential to dominate the public cloud market, but it also has plenty of offerings perfectly suited to SMEs. The service makes it easy for you to pick the building blocks you need to create your own unique cloud service, and has the power behind it to offer cutting-edge technologies, especially with its Compute Engine innovations. Like many of its peers, Google recently cut the cost of its cloud services, making it a strong candidate for businesses on tight budgets.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a strong contender for cloud applications, offering a very accessible and intuitive service for businesses. It's promised to match Amazon's low prices and is currently very popular with developers writing apps, as well as with businesses looking for hosting solutions. Microsoft and IBM also recently announced a cloud alliance that will see IBM bring its software developments to Microsoft's cloud, ensuring Azure’s services will only grow more comprehensive in the future.


One of the cloud's earliest and most widely known specialised vendors, Rackspace offers some excellent deals for businesses. The company has been instrumental in designing and promoting OpenStack, an open-source cloud software that allows businesses to avoid the risks of locked-in, proprietary platforms. Rackspace offers a huge range of options for businesses, and while it doesn't match Amazon or Google services for sheer size, it is innovative and responsive to business needs.

Give your business the space it needs to grow – move into the cloud and scale your services how and when you need them.