Are you making the most of your website traffic?

Written on 05 September, 2016 by TPP Wholesale
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For any business using the Internet to generate sales, targeted website traffic is the most valuable commodity there is to achieve that goal. Facebook and Google both generate billions of dollars each year by selling online traffic to businesses through search engine marketing (SEM).

With increased competition online, you must do everything in your power to get your visitors to make the right action on your website. The action could be making a telephone call to your sales team, completing an online transaction, or contacting your business using a web form.

Whatever your action is, here are two ways to maximise the value of every person who visits your website.


Remarketing (also known as retargeting) is when you serve adverts to someone who has previously interacted with your business. This is usually someone who has visited your website or given you their email address.

For example, earlier today I was visiting the Adidas website looking at their clothing range. Later in the day I check out my Facebook feed and see this:


No, Adidas are using cookies on their website to track website visitors to serve them ad content later (they are retargeting me).

Is this style of marketing profitable?

Yes, retargeted ads can lead to a 1046%+ increase in brand search and uplift conversion rates by as much as 147%:


It takes a lot of time, effort and money to get somebody to visit your website.

If it's the first time they are being introduced to your business, they will most likely conduct further research (looking at online reviews etc) before they make a transaction or contact you.

Through the power of retargeting, you can serve them blog posts, videos, or offer free reports to convey your business as an authority and lead them back to your website.

This is known as nurturing warm leads.

Conversion rate optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is another marketing term that sounds a lot scarier than it actually is.

CRO is simply improving your business's current selling system (sales funnel) to win more customers. This can be done by improving a number of things such as your website design or checkout process, or making your website mobile friendly.

Businesses find that a poor website experience is often the biggest variable that's holding them back.

Poor website navigation or an unresponsive website can repel visitors from returning:


Another element holding businesses back is the lack of security on their website.

76% of computers worldwide use some form of anti-virus or firewall protection. Many of these programs will inform users that they are on a unsecured page when making payments if the website does not have a SSL certificate.

Several online reports revealed that a secure site can increase conversions by as much as 42%.

There are numerous other ways to apply CRO to your website, from increasing your website speed by choosing a better hosting provider or improving your checkout process to using APIs to improve your customer experience.

As more businesses look to the Internet to grow their business, the cost of advertising will continue to rise.  Instead of paying more money for traffic and lowering your ROI, make the most of your website traffic through the use of retargeting and CRO.

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