Are you ready for the flood of new gTLDs?

Written on 03 July, 2014 by TPP Wholesale
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How many domain extensions do you currently offer your customers? Of course you sell .com, and probably .net and But beyond that, what else do you offer and how many of each do you sell? .com and have always ruled in the Australian market, but that’s all about to change, because the market is about to be flooded with new domain extensions, and with everything from .agency to .expert, there’s something to suit every brand and personality out there.

 So what’s the big fuss?

These new domains open up a whole new way for individuals and businesses to market themselves, from identifying the field of work they’re in with an extension like .architect or .lawyer to highlighting their sales with .sale or .cheap extensions. You could even highlight your place as an expert in your chosen field by registering extensions like .guru, or .expert, both of which are already proving very popular.

There are also several city domain extensions now on the market. .berlin leads the way with 140,000 registrations to date, making it the second most popular new gTLD overall. These are great for individuals and businesses to identify where they’re located and market themselves as local.

Why should you sell them?

The demand for these new domain extensions is already proving to be huge, with over 1.2 million registrations since March this year. This is a great opportunity to expand your own suite of domain names, resulting in both new and existing customers taking advantage of these new domain extensions. Many domains have already hit general availability market and are being snapped up, with .xyz and .berlin leading the way as the most popular domain extensions registered to date.

Secure your trademarks

As the domain market is about to be flooded, there is no way to keep up with each release to ensure you secure the trademarks you’re entitled to. In preparation for this,  a Trademark Clearinghouse,  has been set up to help you and your customers register your trademarks and get priority access to each extension during their various sunrise periods over the coming years. It will also alert you if someone else registers a domain with your trademark. This is the best defence against domain squatters, as well as giving you a head start on developing your online brand further with the latest domain extensions before everyone else.

What’s next?

TPP Wholesale will start offering new gTLD extensions at the end of July. We will alert all resellers in our newsletter when they are released. To sell these domains, follow the instructions here.

The domain market is about to change permanently, are you ready?

TPP Wholesale will begin offering new gTLD extensions in late July. If you’re interested in signing up with the Trademark Clearinghouse, contact your Account Manager today.