.AU aftermarket: Add value for your clients

Written on 24 June, 2013 by TPP Wholesale
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Regardless of whether your client is an established business or just starting out – a premium domain name is one of the biggest assets within their business. Many business owners are unaware that their dream name may be only a few clicks away regardless of whether it is already registered by another party.

Asking the leading questions

Business owners spend hours, days and weeks researching their physical and virtual “business property” but, in general, don’t place the same value on arguably their most important virtual asset – their domain name.

As a reseller, you would certainly know of the importance of a premium domain name but what you may not know is that over 50,000 premium domain names are available for sale on the domain aftermarket and they may be just steps away.

Ask your customers the question – Why not invest just as much time and money in a premium domain name as they would searching for the best property location?

Adding value to your clients

Netfleet is the domain name aftermarket partner of Netregistry Group Ltd. Netfleet is Australia’s No.1 Domain Name trading platform, with more aftermarket .AU domain names bought and sold than on any other platform worldwide.

Netfleet offers you access to three easy processes to add value to your client’s accounts;

  1. Buying premium domain names

    Netfleet operate both Auction and Catalogue Sales platforms and currently list over 49,000  domain names for sale (49,736 as at 18th June 2013) with approximately 1000 expired domain names added daily.You can search for Premium domain names on the site or alternatively, you can create alerts for your clients to advise them of pending sales for the keywords or the domain names of their choice. You then have the ability to purchase these names on behalf of your clients and potentially charge a premium for the service or simply offer a value add to your existing client management tools.

  2. Selling premium domain names

    Via both their Auction and Domain catalogue Sales platforms, Netfleet have sold over 35,000 domain names (38,244 as at 18th June 2013).Not only do many clients not know that it is possible to sell a domain name on Netfleet but even worse; they allow their premium domain name registration to lapse thereby missing out on potential revenue opportunities. Making your clients aware that they can sell their domain names and can in some cases earn thousands of dollars for premium domain names is not only good business practice but another potential for adding a premium service to your client base with no fixed costs to you.

  3. Backorders

    Your clients may be looking at a currently registered domain name or either you or they may know of a competitor about to close their business. In this case, Netfleet can offer a backorder service with guaranteed success. If a backorder is not caught, we will refund 100% of the backorder.Only one backorder is registered per domain name and Netfleet have a 100% success rate of catching contested backordered names (based on the past 4 months figues as at 18th June 2013).

To add the value of a premium domain name service to your customers, Netfleet have also developed a backorder API available for you to use on your website or client portal with very little development work on your part.

For more information, please contact your account manager directly on 02 9215 6247 or contact Netfleet on 02 9215 6156.