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Written on 22 May, 2012 by Karen Lim-Sam
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Your virtual location should address the needs of your client base and be positioned to make the most of those relationships. However, too many companies underestimate the importance of a domain name and overlook the impact it can have on long-term business goals.

Although the internet may offer your business global reach, your online presence should be targeted and relevant. This is where it pays to think about adopting a domain name to match your geographical market.

Country code top-level domains (ccTLD) can be a powerful ally when it comes to attracting new clients and maintaining your company’s visibility. The country-specific dot-com extension also offers various search marketing benefits, such as greater credibility, a higher SEO ranking and support from Google’s geo-targeting signals. These are the top three reasons for abandoning your generic domain in favour of a ccTLD:

  1. Search traffic and higher rankings

    The biggest advantage of a ccTLD is its ability to target traffic from specific areas of the world. Search engines generate results based on the IP address of the user – a fact that privileges local websites over more generic domain names. This improvement to your online visibility can help you attract new customers, while ensuring that local clients find you every time they search.It’s also important to note that Google prefers to display local websites across its various national versions and that a site with a relevant local ccTLD will rank higher than its .com counterpart.

  2. Credibility

    Wouldn’t you put your trust in a local business over one that may not anticipate your needs? A ccTLD can significantly boost your website’s credibility by highlighting your company’s local knowledge. However, while this can offer a significant marketing advantage, it’s always worth doing demographic research before settling on a domain.

  3. Link building

    Links are a powerful source of organic SEO and ccTLDs can make them easier to obtain. Local directories often only accept links from local sites, while website owners view ccTLDs as more authoritative than generic domains.

The downfalls

Despite the case for enlisting a ccTLD, you should be aware of the problems before taking the plunge. If your existing .com domain already boasts an extensive backlink network, you may see a drop in performance when you make the switch. Country-specific domains can also be more expensive to maintain and manage.

Despite these factors, the value you reap from increased traffic and visibility is sure to outweigh any potential pitfalls.

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