Brands blowing the roof off video content: VW

Written on 24 December, 2014 by TPP Wholesale
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Volkswagen, a German car manufacturer traditionally well known for its safe, reliable cars, has been blowing off the roof when it comes to viral video content. How did this seemingly staid company reinvent itself as a master of video?

The big benefits of video content

An excellent way of drawing traffic to your site, growing your brand and making your company memorable, video content is a must for most businesses with big aspirations. What's more, video is only going to become more important for business owners, with Cisco predicting that video will account for 60 per cent of all consumer internet traffic by 2017.

A good video is always an asset, but a video with viral potential is something else entirely.

Helping you reach potential customers you'd never normally register with and sending your company's name spinning around the world, a viral video is like gold dust, and is notoriously hard to create. Yet Volkswagen has been consistently hitting precious metals with a series of highly-viewed videos.

Volkswagen's magic touch

While videos are a useful advertising tool for many industries, they are especially beloved by car manufacturers - a glossy film is the ideal way to show off sleek bodywork, sharp handling and impressive horsepower. However, online video content doesn't play by the same rules as TV advertising.

Rather than focusing on brute power and seductive shots, Volkswagen cleverly created videos with the right blend of novelty, humour and topicality to appeal online.

An amazing campaign

In a recent campaign, Volkswagen created three videos that attracted more than 155 million views on YouTube and other sites. Thanks to the excellent 'The Force' video, which ran in 2011 and featured a small child in a Darth Vader costume, Volkswagen even recently had the honour of being named the most popular social brand in US Super Bowl history.

While Budweiser stole the crown only a few weeks later, the car manufacturer's video campaign attracted an astonishing 7.07 million shares over blogs and social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Learning from VW's success

For a brilliant look behind the scenes, check out the VW case study from MediaCom, the company that helped Volkswagen leverage its positive momentum. While not many businesses will have the same amount of capital to put into a video campaign, all can learn from the fun and irreverent way the brand reached out to its customers.

Start looking for ways to put a unique spin on your business, and be prepared to invest in video in the coming years. Don't forget that a clever idea and a sense of humour can go a long way when it comes to creating popular video content.