Business Update September 2020

Written on 10 September, 2020 by Amin Kroll
Categories: Press Releases

I hope that you, your family, and your customers are keeping safe and well.

My name is Amin Kroll and in June I stepped in as Managing Director of TPP Wholesale (TPP) which has been an enormous honour and privilege.

On behalf of everyone at TPP and at CentralNIC I want to thank you for your business and ongoing support; your commitment makes all the difference. I'd also like to announce that as a company we continue to be very resilient, and since CentralNICs acquisition of TPP in August 2019 we've experienced Year on Year growth, and are keen to build on the momentum in place already.

Three Pillars

Our team has been working extremely hard behind the scenes to get us all into a stronger position by upgrading infrastructure, reviewing product choice, improving technical support and our business processes to allow you to better manage and to grow your business.

We're very focused on delivering in three key areas:

1) Completing the transition of our core products, customers, and systems out of Arq/ Webcentral Group in a way that is both respectful of our customers' experience and also allows us to take ownership sooner.
2) Continue our investment into Customer Service, Support, and Account Management as a key pillar of differentiation. We have acted on your feedback and are doubling down on local support experts that can resolve issues fast and we've hired new Account Managers.
3) Leverage CentralNICs engineering expertise, and growth mindset to offer best in class choice, invest in TPP, and build on our leading market position through 2021, 2022, 2023, and beyond.

I'm delighted to announce that we are already a significant way through our transition out of the legacy Arq/ Webcentral Group infrastructure, and are on track for the bulk of the work to be completed by mid-2021. Specifically, this means our core services of DNS and Registry services, domains, cPanel shared hosting, M365, back end systems, and development control of The Console. There will still be a handful of services to transition past this time and we're looking at ways to accelerate this process as well.

The Future:

We are lucky to be part of an industry that helps businesses across Australia and the Asia Pacific in a meaningful way through its digital transformation journey. The next 10 years are going to see the accelerated merging of software, digital, hardware and background artificial intelligence and we plan to be your provider of choice as you guide your own customers through this landscape. Today we're focusing on getting the fundamentals right and have big ambitions going forward.

I also want to be open with the fact that our own ongoing transformation into a best in class wholesale reseller service provider is a journey.

With that in mind we will be sending out a reseller survey within the next month, please set some time aside to share your ideas and observations.

Additionally, I'm open and directly available for feedback, or to catch up in-person here.

Stay safe,
Amin Kroll
TPP Wholesale