Cloud Reseller Hosting vs Cloud Hosting – what’s the difference?

Written on 18 August, 2014 by TPP Wholesale
Categories: Reseller Guides | Tags: cloud hosting, web hosting, whitelabel

Every day we field questions surrounding the difference between cloud reseller hosting and cloud hosting. ‘What does the addition of ‘reseller’ mean, aren’t I reselling both of them?’ our partners ask us. While yes, they are both technically reseller products both products are available to, there’s a few key differences between the two products.

Firstly, what’s Cloud hosting?

The cloud, named because it is a large, expansive space that spreads your data out across several servers, so that if one server fails, another picks up the slack instantly, offering increased stability and uptime. It’s highly scalable, which means you can easily up and downgrade your storage space. However, each domain you purchase will require its own space in the Cloud.

Cloud web hosting is an ideal solution for businesses that need maximum up time, where traffic can spike suddenly and where a site’s speed or reliability are of utmost importance.

For Whitelabel resellers, shared cloud hosting packages are the best option, with pre-defined packages for you to on-sell to your clients. Each package comes with set specifications and limitations and requires very little effort from you as a reseller, you just add it to the cart and send out an invoice. Shared cloud hosting comes in three variants: Standard, Business+ and Enterprise Cloud hosting.

Cloud reseller hosting, on the other hand, puts you in control of the product you resell to your clients. In this case, you buy a chunk of server space from us and have the ability to cut it up and on-sell it in whatever fashion and to whatever specifications your client needs. This means you can sell one client as little as 500MB, if they’re website is very small and scale upwards for another client who need more space.

Cloud reseller hosting also allows you to add on extra products like zone manager, email and database quotas. In standard cloud hosting, these things are pre-set depending on the plan sold. Cloud Reseller hosting is a great option for resellers who only provision through the Admin Panel, or who use WHMCS. It can’t be sold through Whitelabel.

Whatever option you go with, our Cloud hosting has 99.9% up time and is suitable for most CMS programs. 

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