Customise your Whitelabel shop front

Written on 02 October, 2014 by TPP Wholesale
Categories: Reseller Guides | Tags: online marketing, small business, whitelabel

Our Whitelabel shop front is used by a large portion of resellers to sell domains and web hosting to their customers. The shop front provides a seamless sales point allowing the customer to compare and purchase their own hosting products, which are then provisioned automatically. For most resellers, the user-friendly design is ideal for their business. But what if you require more design flexibility, or if you have an existing website and you don't want to have two websites?

The good news is that TPP Wholesales gives you the option to intergrate your Whitelabel into your existing website, rather than having two with polar-opposite appearances.

Unlike most Wholesale domains businesses, we don’t restrict our resellers to working with a singular template that doesn’t necessarily reflect the uniqueness their brand or suit their needs as a reseller. To cater to these needs, our Whitelabel FTP file allows you direct access to the HTML and CSS that make up the Whitelabel shop front.

For years, we’ve seen developers take apart the code in the FTP files to build their own customised version of our Whitelabel, redesigned to look like their own website. Several of our resellers have the domain search bar and hosting plans embedded into their own websites, using CSS to change the colours to suit their websites and designing it to look as if the search bar and price list were always there.

Inspired by their ingenuity, we have developed a set of instructions that walk anyone with intermediate developer skills through the code required to run our Whitelabel shop front from another website. These instructions are ideal for anyone keen to personalise their Whitelabel experience.

A customised Whitelabel website looks more professional and is guaranteed to increase trust and customer rapport with your brand. It is perfect for the full time reseller looking to take their business to the next level. However, as the instructions are quite complex and require some comprehension of coding, we recommend this option is only taken up by those with intermediate or higher developer skills. We also recommend that anyone considering taking on this project reads through our support scope carefully, as there are several aspects of this that we are unable to support in-house.

If you’re interested in customising your Whitelabel shop front, you can view the instructions here and read our support scope here.