Domain Name Overhaul

Written on 14 July, 2020 by TPP Wholesale
Categories: Domains

Over the last few months, TPP Wholesale has proudly achieved our first big integration milestone; connection of our domain name backend to CentralNic’s world-class reseller platform. This means all new domain registrations and transfers into TPP Wholesale now use the new backend and we have begun the process of consolidating all existing domains also.

There are many benefits of this for you, here a couple of key ones that we think you will like:


Massive increases in automation and performance

By consolidating registry accreditations and folding these into the CentralNic Group PLC, TPP now benefits from the most advanced and premier reseller platform across the industry. Already, we have seen a 95% reduction in manual intervention from our support teams, freeing them up to support you in much more important areas. Hopefully you are seeing these benefits also.

As we add more and more new and existing TLDs to this backend, all domains will be fully automated for renewal, transfer and management, with only a handful of premium names and ccTLDs that have additional registration verification requirements requiring manual intervention from our team at registration. But once registered these will be fully automated forever!


Over 1,100 TLDs available for your customers

This upgrade also allows us to massively increase the number of TLDs that we have available for you to offer you to your customers. This week we will be adding an additional 200 TLDs bringing our total count to over 600, the largest of any wholesale provider in Australasia. But we are not stopping there! By the end of the month, another 500 will be added rounding out our offering to 1,100 TLDs available for your customers.  

To start offering these new TLDs you can simply activate them by following these simple steps here.


Unlocking promotions and special offers

By simplifying our backend and removing third party registrar accreditations, this means we can also now offer our partners access to better pricing and regular promotions on a host of TLDs. We are now working very closely with all of the domain registries across the globe to give you access to these fantastic registry promotions.

We will be running domain promotions every month moving forward, and are pleased to let you know that our first promotion is now live. You can view this here.


How do I consolidate my domains with TPP?

TPP Wholesale has always been the largest and most sought after wholesale provider in Australasia. And with over 600 more TLDs on offer than our nearest competitor, there has never been a better time to consolidate your customers’ portfolio with TPP. Our Account Managers are on hand to help make this easy for you. Please contact us and we will help you consolidate to save you time and money!