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Written on 30 May, 2012 by Uyen Vu
Categories: Domains | Tags: domain names, premium domains

When it comes to the wide world of the web, your domain is your most precious piece of real estate. The success of your online presence increasingly depends on your ability to manage and maintain your domain.

This can get even trickier as your stable of domain names grows, as keeping track of your web assets brings the similar logistical nightmares as your real life property portfolio. However, effective domain management doesn’t have to be out of reach. We’ve taken the pain out of it for you with our essential guide:

Auto-renew is your friend

Don’t dismiss the auto-renew feature as just another instance of clever marketing. By opting for auto-renew, you make sure your domain name never expires, unless you explicitly want it to. Lapsed domain names are often difficult to retrieve and a lost domain name can spell disaster for your business. Opt for auto-renew and spare yourself the risk.

Keep it private

As a domain registrant, your name, email and telephone number are accessible to anyone on the web. Consider a private domain registration service to ensure your personal details are hidden from domain look-up services. When it comes to privacy and the internet, it’s best to err on the side of caution.

Long-term love

If you see a future for your online business, it pays to register your domain name with view to auto-renew each year. A domain name registered for three years brings greater SEO benefit and is seen as more credible than a short-term domain name.

Lock it up

You wouldn’t leave your house unlocked, and the same logic applies to your domain name. Locking your domain will ward off unauthorised third parties who might attempt to play with your name servers or transfer your domain. It’s relatively easy to unlock your domain, so take the right security measures upfront.

Choose your password carefully

Your password is the code to the security system of your domain. Choose a difficult, meaningful password, make sure you regularly change it up, and only log in from the computers you know. Vigilance is also key to the security of your domain – keep an eye out for password phishing emails and don’t divulge it to anyone.

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