E-commerce trends to watch out for In 2013

Written on 25 January, 2013 by Uyen Vu
Categories: E-commerce | Tags: e-commerce, online business

It’s no secret that shifts in customer behaviour send shockwaves through the e-commerce world as business owners adapt to the tide of shopper demand. Here are a few of the online retail trends set to rock 2013.

Personalisation hits the mainstream

Personalisation might have previously been the domain of the digitally savvy, but the new focus on customer relationships is seeing mainstream brands try it on for size. This year, retailers are poised to use your shopping preferences, age and buying habits to craft highly personalised offerings sure to boost customer intimacy along with their bottom line. Personalisation will also play a starring role in loyalty programs as businesses leverage buying history to offer customers relevant and targeted rewards. This will result in more powerful, profitable relationships and set the stage for further growth.

Curated commerce will continue to shape buying habits

The popularity of social media platforms such as Pinterest and the rise of vertically integrated business models testify to the power of curated commerce. In 2013, businesses that offer tightly curated online content or tailor an offering based around a specific niche are bound to leave competitors in the dust.

Customer relationships play out in real time

Real-time customer intelligence might be an e-commerce aspiration, but this year it becomes a matter of survival. Serving the hyper-connected modern customer depends on a real-time understanding of buying history and shopping preferences – failure to demonstrate this could result in loyalty fallout and lost sales.

Mobile comes of age

Online retailers may have embraced the mobile revolution, but delivering a seamless, compelling mobile experience remains a little more elusive. This year, customers expect mobile and tablet websites to integrate effortlessly with online and offline channels. Customer-centric technologies such as GPS mapping and online video will also enhance the shopping experience, and brands that make the most of this are set to reap major rewards.

Businesses embrace ‘big data’

The proliferation of digital channels has seen data play a starring role when it comes to customer relationships, and brands that successfully leverage this attain the competitive edge. In 2013, businesses that understand the power of big data and invest in technologies to keep pace will take big leaps in terms of customer loyalty, profitability and revenue growth.

As the e-commerce landscape matures, smart retailers should evolve and innovate with it. What measures will you take to adapt to these trends?

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