Face off: Cloud computing versus cPanel

Written on 06 June, 2012 by TPP Wholesale
Categories: Hosting | Tags: cloud hosting, cpanel hosting, shared hosting, web hosting

If you’re a progressive business, you’re probably already attuned to the benefits of Cloud computing. Cloud-based infrastructure is highly automated, accessible from anywhere and offers virtually unlimited storage – good news for cost-effectiveness. And if a 2011 IBM study is anything to go by, companies are taking to Cloud computing in droves, with two thirds deploying Cloud-based technologies and further 70 per cent planning to embrace it in the future. But if you’re already a devotee of the Cloud, it might be time to think about getting your head around cPanel, a best-of-breed technology that lets businesses assume total control of their servers. Here are the top reasons for getting on board:

Getting graphic

Mastering website administrative tasks can often be challenging for non-experts. The cPanel interface uses a highly graphic interface, making it easy to navigate email accounts, statistics and sub-domains. It also includes a sidebar detailing important information such as bandwidth, disk usage, server information as well as individual control panels for clients and administrators.

Following the script

cPanel technology offers automated script installers that make it easy to install content management software for blogs and discussion groups on your website, without the pain of manually shifting files. It’s a fuss-free way to manage various elements of your website while eliminating the risk of losing or misplacing important content.

Keeping track of the statistics

The cPanel sidebar displays a summary of your vital statistics, but the platform also comes with some powerful software to help you conduct in-depth analysis of your site. Programs such as Webalizer and Awstat make it easy to assess leads and monitor your web presence by providing detailed information about your site traffic.

Better maintenance

There’s no denying that maintaining a website can be a full-time job. Luckily, cPanel makes it easy to monitor your web directories, keep on top of your site’s backup and manage features such as shopping carts.

Backing it up

If you operate a large business or a high-traffic website, it’s easy to forget to back up. Unfortunately, not properly backing up your data can have disastrous implications for your business. cPanel streamlines this process by letting you regularly store backups of data, images, email and other web content – a feature that acts as a powerful safety net just in case you’re faced with a website crash.

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