Five ways to overcome sales resistance

Written on 14 April, 2015 by TPP Wholesale
Categories: E-commerce, General Wholesale | Tags: fears, sales, sales team

Every sales team will face some healthy resistance no matter what industry they are in. In fact, many teams thrive on this opposition and love the challenges it brings. That said, there are some occasions when resistance is particularly hard to overcome. We're revealing five key pain points and the best ways to deal with them.

In his recent book "Enchantment," business guru Guy Kawasaki created a useful list of likely resistances, each of which presents the sales team with a challenge they need to overcome. He cites inertia, hesitation to reduce options, fear of making mistakes, lack of role models and causes that "suck" as the biggest barriers. While Kawasaki is talking about relationships and social interactions on a wider scale, each of his obstacles can be directly related back to sales.

1. Battling inertia

If your potential client is happy enough with their current provider, it can be very tough to persuade them to change, especially if they can foresee difficulties with making the switch and are perfectly satisfied with the status quo. The sales team must prove that there will be enough eventual benefit if they want to persuade a client to shrug off their inertia and make a switch.

2. Allaying fears about option reduction

When clients are pushed to make a decision, they are sometimes worried that this will limit their options. To allay these fears, the sales team needs to make it very clear how your business differentiates itself from competitors and provide some concrete reasons for limiting those options.

3. Removing fears about making a mistake

Making a final decision about a new product or service can also mean making a mistake, which is something potential clients may dwell on. It's down to sales to get rid of these fears by showing that risks are minimal. Provide facts, figures and statistics to demonstrate how safe the decision is. You can even explain how the decision can be reversed, so the customer doesn't think they'll be trapped after making a fast decision.

4. Providing role models

No client wants to be the first to leap into the unknown. They need role models who will show them that the choice is a beneficial and admirable one. Provide them with examples of other clients who have happily used the product or service and make the most of all testimonials, how-to videos and reviews that you have at your disposal.

5. Proving your cause doesn't suck

This is perhaps the most important part of the sales process – for the team to be successful, the product needs to stand up to scrutiny. Without a good product or service, it's impossible to provide the kind of collateral that will satisfy a client in the long term, so if your sales team is constantly hitting a brick wall, it might be time to re-evaluate your offerings and see how you can improve them.

Give your sales team all the tools they need to push through these common five resistances and look forward to better bottom lines.