Is free Cloud storage on the horizon?

Written on 27 May, 2014 by TPP Wholesale
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Cloud storage is becoming an increasingly attractive low-cost option for businesses, and there's a chance that in the next few years they'll be enjoying all the benefits of Cloud storage without the price tag.

Cloud storage on the up and up

Offering a convenient and typically low-cost way for businesses to store essential data, Cloud storage has slowly become a necessity for companies of all sizes. As business processes become increasingly digitised, the need for adequate storage has grown.

What's more, the evolution of remote-working capabilities, smartphones and tablets means that many businesses are investing in Cloud storage to ensure that employees can access all-important data wherever they are. At the moment there are already some very competitive prices and packages to choose from, but could businesses have access to free Cloud storage in the near future?

Could Cloud storage wars create free access?

Writing for Venture Beat, Vineet Jain, business mogul and co-founder of Egnyte, suggests that the price war between major Cloud storage providers could result in free Cloud storage within a year.

“We may see the price for Cloud storage reach $0 in the next 12-18 months. As companies continue to out-price each other, there is nowhere to go but down, making Cloud storage a commodity, dragging down file sync-and-share with it."

Consumers and individual users are sure to benefit greatly from free storage. However, it won't necessarily mean a huge boon for businesses.

Cloud storage and business needs

The ways in which businesses use Cloud storage are very different to consumer needs and tend to be rather more complex. While larger companies may end up offering basic storage packages for free, they aren’t likely to also offer the kind of tools and organisational capabilities that will make them truly essential for businesses.

Choosing the right Cloud computing storage for your enterprise will mean finding one that has adequate security, scalability and performance features for your needs. While some small businesses may find that free Cloud options suffice, others will still need to invest in a storage solution that offers additional tools and features.

That said, the price war between major Cloud storage vendors can only have a positive effect on the costing for various Cloud services – good news for businesses that require more functionality as well as those that could get by on a free package.


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