Give a little, get a lot

Written on 30 August, 2013 by TPP Wholesale
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In business, the age old adage of Givers Gain most certainly still rings true today.

Technology has made the world infinitely smaller, has created exponentially more global businesses and has increased our touchpoints with our customers; the end users tenfold.

Expectations on small business are far more onerous – business owners and account managers must be available on social media, on phone and on email at all times of the day and night and must all be at the top of their game to survive and to create successful businesses.

Business processes must be transparent, honest and ethical and through the information age, customers are far more engaged and informed than ever before.

Technology hasn’t however, replaced the need to constantly tweak and improve service levels to customers and clients.

Customers expect quality and service and they know that there are many more competitors out there just waiting for their business should you disappoint. One of the keys to successful service levels and happy customers is value add.

Your customers come to you through advertising, marketing, referrals or word of mouth. They understand the line items on a receipt or an invoice, they understand the work that will be completed in a quote, basically, they understand the products or services you can offer.

What they don’t know is the value add that you can give them – the low cost, high value extras that set to WOW them every time. One of the easiest ways to wow a customer is to use the leverage or the strengths of another business with a similar target market and a complimentary product.

An example of this would be using alerts services for your clients. If you are building websites, developing applications or improving a customer’s online branding strategy, the value of a premium domain name can never be underestimated.

Your customers, however, may not even know that they might be available for purchase. Imagine if you could call your client one morning to let them know that their dream domain name is available for sale and that you could facilitate that sale for them. Imagine being one step ahead of your client and be in a position to offer that WOW opportunity.

Well, imagine no more – simply sign up to the FREE alerts service on and enter your desired keywords into the alerts tool (

You can add multiple keywords onto one alert or separate them via your client segments.

Each day, when new domain names are added to the online platform, you will be sent an email to inform you of domain names containing your particular keywords.

You could simply sign your client up directly or you could wow them with the personalised information you are able to obtain for them on a daily basis – it’s your choice.

Either way, with over 50,000 premium Domain Names for sale and approximately 1000 expired Domain Names available at auction every single day of the year; your customers will certainly have multiple reasons to be wowed!

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