GreenButton: Microsoft acquires new Cloud computing company

Written on 03 June, 2014 by TPP Wholesale
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Microsoft continues to show its commitment to growing Cloud services with the purchase of GreenButton, a high-performance Cloud computing company.

Microsoft announced the acquisition of GreenButton for an undisclosed sum on its Window Azure blog at the beginning of May. There were already strong links between the two companies, with Microsoft promoting GreenButton through Azure, but the acquisition signals yet another investment in rolling out Cloud services across the board.

Investing in the ‘big compute’

GreenButton, which is based in the US and New Zealand, specialises in providing large businesses with a number of clever integrations and services that allow them to use the Cloud without having to recode existing systems. This means they can offload computer-intensive workloads to the cloud with minimal fuss – a very tempting prospect for computing-hungry industries such as finance, science and media.

By acquiring GreenButton and integrating its technologies into their own offerings, Microsoft is improving its ability to support businesses with high-performance needs and strengthening its ‘big compute’ services.

Integrating with Azure

Launched in 2006, GreenButton first became affiliated with Microsoft's Cloud computing platform in 2011. At this point, the two companies signed an alliance agreement that would ensure GreenButton services would be promoted through Azure. Despite this association – and a hefty US$1 million investment from Mircosoft, GreenButton also offered its products for HP’s Cloud services, OpenStack, VMware and Amazon Web Services.

Following the acquisition, Microsoft will no longer sell GreenButton's products through Azure. Instead, it will integrate the technologies with its own existing services. The software giant has also promised to continue investing in GreenButton's teams and services, and it expects the business's headquarters to remain in New Zealand.

Increased Cloud computing choice

Microsoft has indicated that it hopes its growing services will provide Cloud access to businesses and vendors that have not previously considered it a possibility. On the Azure blog, Microsoft said: "It’s an exciting time for businesses that are investing in Big Data and Big Compute. With this acquisition, we are looking forward to democratising the use of Big Compute through the power of the Cloud, so that organisations from all walks of life can use their data to transform their business and the world."

Whether the acquisition will help Microsoft move a greater number of businesses into the Cloud remains to be seen, but it's certainly another indicator that the Cloud remains big business and that there's still a lot of space in the sky to play for.