How to get started with video marketing

Written on 18 January, 2016 by TPP Wholesale
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Video marketing has quickly grown to become an integral part of today's digital marketing landscape – and it will only get bigger.

You only have to look at Facebook's recent investment in a whole host of new video features, including a dedicated feed for videos and a new picture-in-picture player for multitasking, to see which way the wind is blowing.

The idea of introducing a video strand may sound daunting, but it's completely possible for businesses of all shapes and sizes – no matter how small your budget. If your business hasn’t experimented with video yet, we've put together some top tips for getting started.

1. Work out what you need from your video

To create a video that will offer value to your clients and provide you with a good return on investment, you need to start the process by deciding exactly what you need from your content.

Are you trying to raise brand awareness? Solve a common issue or FAQ? Prove that you're an expert in your field? Showcase a new product or service? Each objective needs a different approach, so it's important to have a clear goal for the video in order to ensure all plans and ideas tie back to it.

2. Choose a format and style

Once you have your objective in place, it's time to consider the best way of meeting it. If you're hoping to solve a pain point, a simple ‘how to’ explainer video with clear instructions from a presenter or voice-over might be the most effective route. Likewise, if you're presenting a case study or new product, then simplicity and transparency will be key.

If you're hoping to make your customers laugh or to create an endearing, brand-boosting piece of content, animation could be an excellent choice. When you're operating on a budget, a simple whiteboard animation can be a great way to get information across quickly.

3. Determine who will create the content

Depending on scale, ambitions and level of investment, you'll need to decide whether to go with an internal or external team. Unless you happen to have some seriously creative and talented staff on hand, as well as the technical capabilities, it's generally wise to hire a professional.

Choose an external company with good credentials and a wide range of existing client videos to review – this is also a great way to see what's working for your peers and what isn't.

4. Create an amplification strategy

There's no point putting all the effort into creating some excellent video content if you don't also take the time to plan how you will distribute it. Facebook's new features ensure it will be a smart place to display your content, but Twitter, YouTube, and your company blog are all excellent places to share, embed, and amplify the video as well.

It's also a great idea to host videos on your own site, especially as this can help improve your SEO rankings. To ensure you have the hosting power you need for even the biggest viral videos, get in touch with TPP Wholesale today.