How to manage your website on the go

Written on 03 January, 2013 by Uyen Vu
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These days, your website is more than just a marketing tool for your business – it’s a digital shopfront that can make or break your success. Effective website management is central to maintaining your professionalism and ensuring that you acquire and retain a competitive edge.

However, the relentless pace of modern business often calls for websites to be administered on the go. This can see business owners come up against barriers and complications that can spell disaster if not properly controlled. These are our top tips for managing your website from afar, even if you’re on Christmas holidays:

Be mindful of online security

If you need to update your website or company blog while on the road, it’s vital to be diligent when it comes to online security. Make sure you only log on to trusted networks and take the time to change your password after you’re done. Remember, venturing beyond home soil can make you increasingly vulnerable to hackers and web criminals – take care to protect your data.

Leverage cloud-based technologies

It’s no secret that cloud-based technology is tailor-made for business travellers. Programs such as Dropbox and Google Drive allow important files to be accessed from anywhere in the world and make effortless work out of updating your website remotely. Cloud-based programs also automatically sync files without risk of duplication, ensuring that changes you make to your website are registered and recorded by your workers on the ground.

Make sure your devices are synced

Planning to update your website on your iPad or smartphone? Forgetting to sync mobile devices can create all kinds of productivity obstacles when updating your website on the go. Before you leave, use syncing software to ensure that your data access is consistent across all your devices – this guarantees a seamless mobile website management process.

Schedule content updates

If you know your itinerary doesn’t permit time to update your website, make the effort to schedule regular content updates before you leave. Taking advantage of your platform’s ability to generate posts without your input will ease website management stress and allow you to focus on the bigger picture.

Managing your website while on the road can be effortless with a little forward thinking and technical savvy. With the help of TPP Wholesale WHMCs client management solutions, it is perfect for busy resellers who are serious about domain names and hosting.

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What are your most effective tips for managing your online presence on the go?