How to retarget users on Facebook

Written on 26 September, 2016 by Karen Lam
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Whenever you create an advert online you can target two types of people: cold users and retargeted users.

Cold users – This is someone who appears to have never interacted with your business before (for example, has not visited your website). For example, here XM are serving me an advert about Forex.

I have never visited their website or even had an interest in Forex.

Retargeted users – This is someone you serve an advert to who has visited your website before.

In today's article, I'm going to show you how to retarget your website visitors on Facebook.

Setting Up a Facebook Pixel

To successfully retarget people on Facebook, you have to insert a small piece of code on your website.

Assuming you already have a Facebook Ads account (if you don't you can sign up here), hover over the Adverts Manager dropdown list and select Pixels from the Assets section.

Find the Actions button and select View Pixel Code from the dropdown.

You'll then be shown a short script code which you must put in the header or footer of your website. If you have a web developer, then you can forward them the code and they will be able to do it in minutes.

If you're having trouble setting up your Facebook pixel, you can view their help centre here.

Creating Audiences with the Facebook Pixel

Once your pixel is up and running, next comes the fun part – creating your audiences.

To create an audience, go back to your Adverts Manager and this time go to Audiences instead of Pixel.

Click on the Create Audience button and select Custom Audience from the dropdown list.

Facebook will ask you what type of audience you want to select. Choose website traffic.

You can create a number of audiences from a single pixel, as shown in the picture below.

For example, if you offer two products and have two different product pages, you can create two audiences – one for each page. If someone views only product A, then they will only be served an advert for product A and not product B.

Another example is to target people who have visited your order complete or payment success page. For example, if the average customer orders from your website every 14 days, then after they made a transaction, you can create an audience of customers for the last 14 days and exclude them from seeing your adverts.

This reduces showing adverts to the wrong people and wasting your budget unnecessarily. You can create audiences on website traffic based on the last 180 days of traffic on your website.


There are a number of ways you can use the Facebook pixel to drive more leads and sales for your business online. Retargeting has been proven to beat cold traffic for just about everything.


Are you using it?