How to set up a Facebook advert in less than 5 minutes

Written on 18 April, 2016 by Lisa Shannahan
Categories: Social Media | Tags: advertising, facebook, social media

Facebook has made its entire advertising platform very easy to use. Within 5 minutes you can set up an advert and serve it to Australian users instantly. 

If you've been playing with the idea of using Facebook to promote your business, in today's article we're going to show you how to get started.

Every Facebook promotion is broken down into 3 parts, they are:

Campaign objective - the goal you wish to achieve with your advert.

Advert-set - the audience you wish to target.

Advert - the advert copy itself.

1. Campaign objective

When setting up an advert on Facebook, the first thing you will have to do is select your campaign objective:

Here you can choose to send people to your website, gain more likes for your page, collect email addresses, promote a video, reach people near your local business or any of the above.

In today's example we're going with the objective to promote your page.

2. Targeting at the advert-set level

This is where things start to get exciting.

At the advert-set level you will be able to select your audience and budget. One of the best things about Facebook ads is the ability to target people based on geographical locations and interests.

In the image below we've targeted everyone who lives within a 4km radius of Bondi Road, Sydney, is male between the ages of 25-42 and has interests in bodybuilding, weight training and Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Facebook states that the potential reach for this target audience is 23,000 people. Imagine how useful this audience would be to a gym in Bondi, Sydney? This is just one example of targeting an audience, whether you have a new mobile app, sell women's clothes online or bespoke furniture, you can target just about anyone with Facebook ads.

2.1 Bidding and scheduling

After selecting your audience, you will then be asked to select your budget and campaign schedule. You can choose between a daily or lifetime budget. Once reached the advert will stop displaying for the day, or end altogether if you selected lifetime.

Campaigns can be run continuously or have a start and end date ( which is ideal for time-sensitive promotions). Finally, you can set the amount you're willing to pay per action, in this case per page like to ensure you never pay more than you can afford

3. Getting creative at the advert level

The last thing you have to do is create the advert your audience will see. Most Facebook ad types will ask you to add:

Text - to introduce your advert.

Image - photo shown within your advert.

Headline - short piece of text underneath the image

Here's a finished version of a page like campaign from Mailchimp:


And it's as simple as that to start running adverts on Facebook. If you've never used Facebook before, we recommend starting with a small budget to play around with their advert types and audience.

With more than 50% of the entire Australian population on Facebook, there's no better time to get started on Facebook.