How to use emotional marketing in your social media strategy

Written on 14 March, 2016 by TPP Wholesale
Categories: General Wholesale, Social Media | Tags: online marketing

Want to make connections, foster potential clients and gain followers? Forget about dry, factual social media marketing and focus on compelling, emotional campaigns.

By incorporating emotional aspects into your marketing campaigns, you and your clients have the opportunity to engage with customers in a more meaningful and long-lasting way.

Why make it emotional?

There are many ways to interact with clients via social media, but if it's a long-term relationship you want, an emotional element is often the way to go. By engaging someone on a deeper and relatable level, it's possible to create a positive association that goes beyond immediate interaction to leave a lasting impression.

Humans are hardwired to look for stories and connections, so if your business can provide clients with the hooks they need, you can forge a bond that goes beyond just supply and demand.

Highlighting the right emotional response

The first question for any business hoping to create new relationships with its followers is which emotional response best suits the brand. For example, if you're making connections with potential clients on the lookout for cloud hosting services, one of the most powerful emotions you may wish to evoke is pride. Make it clear that you're proud of your product, encourage clients to be proud of their business and show how your services can help them advance.

Alternatively, humour can be an excellent way to turn a business with a potentially dry selection of products into one that's known for its deft touch. Hootsuite’s 'Mean Tweets' campaign is an excellent example – by creating a video that gently poked fun at the social company's old user interface, it launched an update in a fun, relatable way.

Mattress spring provider Leggett & Platt offers another example of how B2Bs can use humour to great effect. The company took a relatively simple and boring product and turned it into a talking point with a hilarious rap video extolling the virtues of hybrid mattresses.

Creating consistency

Choosing an emotional social media strategy doesn't mean you'll be locked into one way of communicating forever, but it's important to remain consistent.

A Twitter feed dedicated to lighthearted comments and memes isn't the best place to issue a sincere apology, for example, and a Facebook page known for its factual, incisive and inspirational posts about future trends isn't a suitable area for cracking jokes. An emotional response is incredibly valuable – as long as it hits the right note.

Humanising your brand can have a real impact on ROI and lead generation. Have you experimented with adding an emotional element to your social campaigns?