Is Whitelabel the right selling platform for you?

Written on 07 January, 2015 by TPP Wholesale
Categories: Reseller Guides | Tags: whitelabel

Our whitelabel product probably fields more questions than any other reseller product, especially from new resellers who are still finding their feet in the world of domains and hosting. So how does it work, and how can you, as a reseller, get the most out of it?

All in one

Whitelabel takes all the pain out of the old school hands-on management of your customers. Not only do your customers pay up front, but giving them access to the whitelabelled console also allows them to renew domains or upgrade products independently. Further, whitelabel grants you access to edit all automated emails and invoices, allowing you to communicate important information to your customers without having to contact each one individually.

Free payment gateway

Payment gateways aren’t cheap to install or run, but our Whitelabel system gives you access to our payment gateway system for free. This means that your customers can pay up front using their credit cards and you collect commission at the end of the month, without having to chase customers with phone calls and invoices.

Customisable to suit your needs

One of the reasons our resellers love Whitelabel so much is that you can edit its physical appearance as little or as much as you desire. Most resellers just opt to change the banner, colour scheme and text; however, for those looking for a challenge, we have support pages which inform you how to deconstruct the code and integrate it into your existing website. You can also set your own retail prices using your Admin Panel, which is displayed to customers when they come through your website.

Used by our biggest resellers

Many of our biggest, most successful resellers use our Whitelabel to sell products, manage clients and allow clients to self-manage through the whitelabelled console. They love it because it does all the menial tasks for them, freeing up time to focus on troubleshooting customer issues.

You can check out an example of our Whitelabel website here. If you’re interested in taking advantage of Whitelabel as a selling option, speak to your Account Manager today on (02) 9215 6001