Is your ranking suffering from bad links?

Written on 27 December, 2012 by Karen Lim-Sam
Categories: Online Marketing | Tags: online marketing, seo

In the online world, a high page ranking can be your ticket to greater visibility, search traffic and clicks. Unfortunately, a strong page ranking can be threatened by the presence of illegitimate or broken links. Comment spam, paid links and unsolicited comments from blog networks can damage the integrity of your website in the eyes of Google. Here are our top tips for banishing bad links for good:

Tools of the trade

There’s no denying that Google’s latest Penguin update caused seismic shifts across the digital sector as businesses scrambled to get their online content up to scratch. Luckily, it also gave rise to a wave of tools designed to help you sort the wheat from the chaff. Applications such as SEO gadget and LinkDelete crawl your website for inaccurate or inferior links – installing these tools makes it easy to identify and delete the elements that are hampering your website and reverse the fallout from a poor page ranking.

Automate your online campaigns

Preventative measures are your best bet when it comes to dealing with bad links. That’s why automating your email campaigns should become a mandatory part of the process for optimising your page ranking. Automation software can negate the risks of human error by making sure your internal links are consistent and up to scratch. This can help you dramatically improve the quality of your content and see you rise up the search ranking.

Revise your link building strategy

Once you’ve eliminated your bad links, it’s wise to implement a strategy to keep them at bay in the future. Try reinvesting the money you might have spent on paid links into white hat content marketing such as blogging and content creation. If you do this properly and resist the urge to incorporate branded links, there’s every chance your website will regain its prior ranking.

Keeping your website free of bad links is an ongoing effort. What tips and tricks work best for you?