.NZ domains Launch this month

Written on 29 August, 2014 by TPP Wholesale
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Second level .NZ domains will be available for registration at 1pm (NZDT) 30th September 2014.

The launch of .NZ means your clients will be able to register www.mywebsite.nz, dropping the .co/.net/.org, that traditionally sat in the third 'level' position, directly in a .nz domain name.

For anyone who currently owns an active .nz domain, it’s important that you keep your registration active because you may be given preference during the launch period to register that domain at the second level, should you want to do so.

Registration Status of .NZ domains

Each domain name will have a specific status and registration rules, the various status options are outlined below with a summary of what that means for your clients.

  • Available – If a domain search returns a status of “Available”, you can register the shorter version of the name on a first-com, first-served basis. The registration process for your customers is as per any other extension.
  • PRR (Preferential Registration or Reservation) – If a domain search returns a status of “PRR” this means you may have preferential rights in the shorter version of the name. To register or reserve a domain you will need to contact your TPP Account Manager and provide the UDAI number. If no action is taken on these names prior to 1pm (NZDT) 30th March 2015 the name will become available for general registration
  • Conflicted – If a domain search returns this status it means it’s been registered in at least two second levels eg. co.nz and org.nz. If this is the case you will need to visit anyname.nz with your UDAI and lodge a preference. The Domain Name Commission will contact the relevant parties and outline next steps. 
  • Prohibited – If the domain search returns this status, the name is unable to be registered directly at the second level. This will be a rare occurrence.


What is a UDAI password?

 The Unique Domain Authentication Identifier (UDAI) password is only applicable to New Zealand (.nz) domains and will be used to confirm the ownership of the domain. To locate this UDAI password, view this TPP support article

 There will be no changes to any other .nz domain extensions at this stage, except that the range of options will be wider!

 If you do not wish to reseller .NZ domains, please log into your TPP Admin Panel and disable the domain extension.