.nz domains will soon be available at the second level, so what do you need to know?

Written on 01 May, 2014 by TPP Wholesale
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As you may have heard, several third level domain extensions, including .nz and .uk, are in the process of becoming available at the second level. A general availablity date for second level .nz domains will be announced in July this year, while .uk domains are still in the earlier stages of planning. So what does this mean for current and future domain registration?

Firstly, a domain being available at the second level means you will be able to register www.mywebsite.nz, dropping the .co/.net/.org/etc that traditionally sat in the second 'level' position in a .nz domain name.

Existing second level domains, such as www.mywebsite.co.nz, will remain available and people will be able to choose the domain extension (.nz/.co.nz/.net.nz) from a wider variety. The decision was based on InternetNZ's principles to maintain current domain extensions while expanding choice within the .nz domain name space.

The decision to make .nz domains available at the second level was approved by the InternetNZ Council in October 2013, following two rounds of consultations and discussions with both the public and any relevant interested parties. From here, they entered their last round of polishing, with a final policy paper to be published in the coming months.

The general availability period for second level .nz domains has yet to be confirmed and we will alert all resellers of this when these dates are made public. For anyone who currently owns a current .nz domain, it’s important that you keep your registration active because you will be given preference during the sunrise period to register that domain at the second level, should you want to do so.

There will be no changes to any other .nz domain extensions at this stage, except that the range of options will be wider.

For further information, check out the Domain Commissions FAQ page, which will be updated as further information becomes available.

Please note that at this stage .au extensions will remain only available at the third level.