Reseller API 101

Written on 06 September, 2012 by Uyen Vu
Categories: General Wholesale | Tags: domains, online marketing

An application programming interface (API) is an indispensable tool for business owners looking to gain greater control over their online presence. For resellers, APIs enable direct access to their account levels and domain level consoles – a fact that cultivates a higher level of flexibility and allows for greater automation across the business. APIs also allow business owners to design a fully customised online store and oversee the entire business from the control panel.

Monitor domain availability

If you run an online business, you know that domain management is a full-time job. Ensuring that your domain portfolio is under control and that your expiration and renewal dates are in order is critical to being a successful reseller. APIs allow you to monitor domain availability and access vital information from the whois database – a fact that fosters greater proactivity when it comes to managing your domain.

Easily retrieve and alter domain name passwords

Domain name passwords serve as keys to your most valuable online assets. APIs make it easy to retrieve and change your respective authorisation codes, instilling higher levels of security across your business.

Regularly update name servers

Server management is a widely overlooked aspect of running an online business. Embracing an API lets you regularly update domain name servers and take greater control of your data.

Easier account management

If you’re a reseller, you understand that managing orders and administering accounts can be a full-time job. APIs put critical information such as account balances at your fingertips – a fact that offers important insight into your client relationships and sets the stage for growth. APIs also allow you to improve your customer service levels by effortlessly tracking customer orders.

Flexible billing options

Many API providers offer flexible billing options by letting you use your own payment gateway and billing provider, or by relying on your provider for billing services. The first option allows you to obtain your reseller commission instantly, while the second can create time and cost savings by effectively outsourcing your billing work.

APIs can help resellers optimise their time and create major gains in terms of productivity while fostering a more scalable business. Have you thought about switching to an API?