Say hello to .melbourne, Victoria’s newest gTLD

Written on 21 August, 2014 by TPP Wholesale
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The domain-name market has been irrevocably altered by the introduction of new gTLD extensions, with businesses around the world looking to their domain providers for a new way to represent their interests online. And now, the businesses of Victoria will be keen to capitalise on the opportunities offered by the new .melbourne extension.

The recent introduction of unique domain extensions has been a game-changer for many companies. If you’re in the market for a new domain, it's essential that you're able to offer customers the chance to embrace this additional way that can enhance your business online.

Meeting demand for unique domain names

Demand for the new domain extension is already proving to be extremely high, with more than 1.2 million registrations taking place since March this year. There's also been a marked interest in location-based extensions, with city names being particularly popular.

Both .berlin and .toyko are among the top 20 new gTLDsand while some of the most popular extensions in Australia include .guru, .photography and .club, this could be poised to change in the wake of new localised offerings.

Localised gTLDS

The introduction of the new hyper-localised domain names offers businesses the chance to claim their own neighbourhood. So businesses that currently have websites such as would be wise to claim the domain

For many city extensions, businesses may actually have to prove that they are resident in the area they claim, providing a new way to build trust and establish credibility. It may also become a driving force in SEO for many businesses as Google and other search engines focus more closely on localisation and providing search results that offer a variety of nearby options.

Start selling .melbourne gTLDs

Help your clients stay up to date with the latest gTLDs by making sure you're in a position to sell them the domains they're looking for. Demand will no doubt be high, so be confident that your application for a .melbourne domain is submitted during the .au priority period to increase your chances of securing the domain you want. We are currently working with the registry provider to obtain more information about general availability time lines and processes around managing the sale of these domains to your clients. Watch this space!