Seven tips for selling SSL certificates

Written on 12 August, 2013 by Sarah Cripps
Categories: E-commerce, Online Marketing, Reseller Guides | Tags: e-commerce, marketing, ssl

SSL certificates are an important part of the security of the web and indispensable for e-commerce sites. Yet many customers don’t even know what a certificate is, let alone why they need it or how to get one. These seven tips will help you reach and educate your target market and sell them exactly what they need.

1. Educate

Many of your customers will be ignorant of the role or importance of SSL certificates. By making it a priority for your site to inform them, you will not only improve your SEO rankings but show customers you know what you’re talking about. Simple explanations of security for transactions, logins and messaging will demonstrate to any undecided customers exactly why they need your product.

2. Focused advertising

Promote SSL certificates on your site as a first-class product rather than just as an add-on to other products. For an easy upsell, make a point of listing them on your homepage – if you’re also selling hosting or other services then offer a “one-stop shop” package where a user can get SSL along with the hosting and registration they require.

3. Create awareness

Make use of your existing customer base. Send an announcement email to your database and let them know of the availability of SSL certificates. Offer upgrades to multi-year or extended certificates.

4. Make it easy

One of the big hurdles in selling SSL is that it can be complicated for a non-technical user to get it all set up. Simplify this process by adding systems that allow your hosting customers to simply purchase the certificate and have it automatically installed in their environment. Many existing management backends such as cPanel and Parallels provide APIs to connect to this kind of setup, and if that doesn’t work for you then look into third-party modules that can enable this functionality.

5. Be competitive

If you act as a reseller then it might be worth your while to offer the product cheaper than the parent company, as a lower price on this kind of product will result in more sales, especially if you make it simple and easy for the customer.

6. Work in bulk

Either getting yourself set up as a reseller or pre-purchasing larger quantities of certificates can significantly improve your margins, allowing you more flexibility to offer deals to entice customers.

7. Run special offers

Create and advertise deals regularly, offering reduced-price SSL certificates if bundled with other products. Use one-off pricing deals to create urgency, and offer a broad range of SSL certificates that provide customers with discounts when they are combined. Make sure you include these deals in your newsletters and on your website, and consider special advertising campaigns to promote specific SSL products such as Wildcard SSL or upgrades from entry level to ExtendedSSL.

If you implement these steps in your marketing, you’ll soon find customers seeking you out for SSL products and more.