Six link-building strategies for small businesses

Written on 23 June, 2015 by Emily Rice
Categories: General Wholesale | Tags: online business, small business

A great link-building strategy can do wonders for your position in Google search results, but that's not the only benefit of sharing links with other sites.

When you make a connection to high-quality resources, some of that quality reflects back on you. This is valuable not only as part of your SEO campaign, but also on a customer level. When someone is linked to your site via a major publisher or expert in the industry, they'll be more likely to engage, as they'll feel confident you've got what they're looking for. So how can you establish a few of those quality links?

1. Work in tandem with local businesses

Create your own powerful network by working closely with other businesses in your area. When their values align with your own, agree on a link exchange – this could take the form of reciprocal links, or you might create content or other resources for their site.

2. Interview and showcase experts

Make connections with influential individuals in your field and ask them if you can interview them for your blog or site. This is an excellent way to reach out to their followers and boost the chances of your links being shared on social platforms. Be inventive with your invites and ensure you offer your influencer a good incentive for appearing and sharing your content via their social accounts.

3. Get yourself listed

Directories may not sound exciting, but getting yourself included in lists of like-minded businesses can do wonders for your links. Look for local directories, newspapers and review sites, and make sure your business is prominently featured on any with a solid reputation.

4. Target industry-specific reviewers

Review blogs can attract a wide readership off their own backs, so it can be difficult for small businesses to get a reviewer's attention. However, a positive review in the right place is fantastic for your link strategy. Search for and target bloggers who review niche products in line with your business and offer any incentives you can. Sites such as Swaggable and BzzAgent are great for identifying potential bloggers.

5. Host competitions and giveaways

When you have something great to give away, you'll find that people are happy to blog about your company and share your links far and wide. To get those all-important mentions, you'll have to make sure that your competition is quick and simple to enter, and that your prize is exciting.

6. Create something noteworthy

Whether it's an imaginative app or a compelling case study, one of the best ways to encourage other businesses and individuals to link to you is to provide them with something they can't get elsewhere. Invest in unique content and the links will come to you.

A link quickly loses its value if it's not relevant to the audience you're trying to attract. Keep your customer in mind every step of the journey.