Six ways to get your business ready for the holiday season

Written on 19 December, 2013 by TPP Wholesale
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Come the end of the year, website traffic can sometimes take a dive as people are busy with other things. A little effort in the right places however will boost your sales and traffic during the holidays. Here are six ways to boost your bottom line this season.

1. Holiday discount

Offer a discount over the holiday season or a special deal on services – maybe even make up some holiday bundles that includes your most popular products such as domain names and shared web hosting. Customers are in the mood to buy, and a discount will often help with the last little push to conversion.

2. Charitable donations

Partner up with a charity or not-for-profit group and offer to donate presents or cash for every customer purchase on your site. This way your customers are able to do something good while buying your products, which is a powerful incentive at this time of year.

3.Gift cards

Gift cards and packages are always popular during the holidays and a simple way to allow customers to purchase services. Not only is it a convenient way to purchase, it may get you sales otherwise delayed until the following year.

If a prospective customer plans to set up a website but isn’t ready until January, someone could purchase the plan for them on a gift card, leaving them to set it up when they’re ready – but giving you the cash now.

4. Website design

Everyone’s in a festive mood, so get your business into the spirit of things with some holiday-themed styles and images on your site. If people feel as though you’re joining in the spirit of things, they’ll start out feeling positive about your business.

5. Holiday-themed content

Blog holiday-related items, curate interesting holiday-themed content from around the web and put some holiday messages in your email newsletter. Nothing brings traffic like good content, so anything useful that ties in with the season is valuable.

6. Giveaways

Set up a simple competition, giving away a product or service, or perhaps a free e-book or audio interview with tips and tricks relevant to your customers. There are lots of guides online for creating free products if you can’t find something appropriate among your own offerings, and anything for free brings customers. Make the competition holiday themed – ask people to share a wish list, a holiday-themed photo or write a Hallmark-style greeting. Choose the winner randomly or select a winner based on the quality of their entry – either way it gets people interested and talking, and brings more traffic to your site.

There are many simple ways to boost traffic and sales during the holiday season, and now is as good a time as any to re-examine your site’s SEO and existing content for any quick lift you might be able to give it to increase your ranking.

Communicate with your customers, show some holiday cheer and keep the business in the black over the holiday season.

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