Is your domain name brandable?

Written on 16 November, 2015 by TPP Wholesale

In a world that's becoming increasingly digitally-orientated, your domain name is more than just an address. It's one of the cornerstones on which you’ll build your brand – so it's essential to get it right. Your domain is one of the first things customers will see when searching online for... Read more

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Three ways to raise your business profile online

Written on 18 October, 2013 by TPP Wholesale

No matter what industry you're in, if you're not making the most of the internet then you're missing out. The world wide web is a great source of business and networking opportunities, and with a little effort and not much (if any) expenditure, you can increase your business profile immensely.... Read more

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Getting it right on social media: Lessons from Zappos, Shoes of Prey and ASOS

Written on 29 July, 2013 by Sarah Cripps

There’s no denying that a customer-centric social media strategy can determine whether your business sinks or swims. As the following examples from online leaders show, smart social media strategy can score you big wins. Here are three lessons you can apply to your own business. 1. Treat customer feedback with... Read more

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Better brand behaviour

Written on 01 August, 2012 by Uyen Vu

To capture the modern customer, you have to engage them in a meaningful dialogue with your brand. That’s why the power of your brand presence can make or break a business. Although most companies are well-versed in the importance of branding, delivering a consistent brand message across multiple channels can... Read more

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Positioning and branding

Written on 18 July, 2012 by TPP Wholesale

How to position and brand your company correctly can be incredibly difficult and rarely compeleted successfully. Day 1's top seminar at HostingCon International in my opion which you may find benefical was Simon West who spoke on "Finding your Story: Branding and Positioning in the Hosting Industry". From a positioning... Read more

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