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How to retarget users on Facebook

Written on 26 September, 2016 by TPP Wholesale

Whenever you create an advert online you can target two types of people: cold users and retargeted users. Cold users – This is someone who appears to have never interacted with your business before (for example, has not visited your website). For example, here XM are serving me an advert... Read more

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How to set up a Facebook advert in less than 5 minutes

Written on 18 April, 2016 by TPP Wholesale

Facebook has made its entire advertising platform very easy to use. Within 5 minutes you can set up an advert and serve it to Australian users instantly.  If you've been playing with the idea of using Facebook to promote your business, in today's article we're going to show you how... Read more

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6 ways domain names impact SEO and social media

Written on 15 February, 2016 by TPP Wholesale

The domain name a business chooses for its website is much more important than you might believe. In fact, domain names can influence a website’s performance in several aspects, from its search engine ranking to its social media impact.  1. Overly generic keyword domains lose value There was a time... Read more

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The reactions to Facebook’s Reactions

Written on 14 December, 2015 by TPP Wholesale

Facebook users have been clamouring for an alternative to the 'Like' button for years. Now, the social site is trialling exactly that – a series of emojis offering a variety of ways to react to posts. So how have these long-awaited 'Reactions' been going down? The Reactions unveiled Currently on... Read more

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The best marketing campaigns of 2015

Written on 30 November, 2015 by TPP Wholesale

Every year, marketing companies try to outdo each other with the biggest, most emotive, memorable campaigns. This year was no different, and a number of brands really stepped it up a notch. Here are some of the winners of 2015. 1. GIGA selfie – Tourism Australia Selfies and travellers go... Read more

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Instagram undergoes a makeover – are brands taking advantage of the changes?

Written on 08 October, 2015 by TPP Wholesale

Instagram has always stuck with a set format: the square. In August, however, the social giant announced it would be shaking things up – thinking outside the square – by offering portrait and landscape options for photo and video uploads. Why the change? In a post on the official Instagram... Read more

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The generation game: Is your content marketing targeting the right generation?

Written on 10 September, 2015 by TPP Wholesale

Different generations tend to see things a little differently – and online content is no exception. Make sure your content hits the right demographic with a little insight into the ways various age groups read online. Influencer marketing company BuzzStream and content marketing agency Fractl recently joined forces to survey over... Read more

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Five ways the Apple Watch will change marketing

Written on 09 July, 2015 by TPP Wholesale

Just as we thought we were getting to grips with mobile marketing, in swoops Apple with a device that signifies the tipping point of a tech movement set to alter the face of marketing yet again. But how exactly will the Apple Watch change the scene? Let us count the... Read more

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Five brands nailing the art of Instagram’s carousel ads

Written on 02 June, 2015 by Emily Rice

Earlier this year, Instagram launched a brand new carousel ad format to help brands boost the storytelling elements of their campaigns. The feature allows shoppers to swipe through a series of photos before clicking through to a brand's website or page. Since the introduction, a few visionary brands have been... Read more

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Three reasons why the Google-Twitter partnership will be great for brands

Written on 21 April, 2015 by Steve Mayall

The king of search and the forerunners of microblogging have joined forces, but what will a Google-Twitter hook-up mean for your business? The new partnership will allow the search engine to show real-time tweets in its search results, giving tweets the opportunity for higher visibility and Google the ability to get ahead of... Read more

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