The best marketing campaigns of 2015

Written on 30 November, 2015 by Lisa Shannahan
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Every year, marketing companies try to outdo each other with the biggest, most emotive, memorable campaigns. This year was no different, and a number of brands really stepped it up a notch. Here are some of the winners of 2015.

1. GIGA selfie – Tourism Australia

Selfies and travellers go hand-in-hand (or hand-in-selfie-stick), with the photographic technique allowing solo travellers to capture themselves in famous locations without having to disturb anyone around them.

These photos often have a limited scope, so Tourism Australia came to the rescue with a campaign aimed at Japanese tourists. The tourism board placed special markers at a number of popular destinations around the country and, aided by an app and a high-quality camera located in the distance, tourists could get a photo of themselves with something quintessentially Australian in the background. The tourist was then sent the photo, which started off focused on their face, and then panned back to reveal where they were.

2. Steph loves you – Hyundai

It can be hard as a child when your father is away for work a lot – even more so if there's no way to contact him. Spare a thought for Stephanie, whose dad works as an astronaut. Hyundai reached out to her and, using a team of 11 drivers, spelt out a message in desert sand that would be visible from space as his orbit took him over it. In six months, the video had been watched almost 70 million times on YouTube and claimed itself a world record for the largest image of its kind – showing that sometimes bigger CAN be better!

3. The Burger King wedding – Burger King

It's the sort of headline that just attracts clicks: A Burger marrying a King is a Whopper of a ceremony. The wedding was paid for by the fast-food chain – known in Australia as Hungry Jack's – after a local paper covered the story, which was then written about on BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post and other clickbait websites. The wedding probably cost less than a normal advertising campaign for the fast-food chain, but they received just as much exposure – and maybe even more – for their generous offer.

4. One Direction tissue attendants – Kleenex

Emotion is one of the greatest drivers in marketing, and there weren't many news stories that got people more upset than when Zayn Malik left boy band One Direction. Fans not knowing where to turn fled to Madame Tussauds to see a waxwork replica of the singers still together – and were overcome with tears. Thankfully, Kleenex had thought ahead and posted a ‘tissue attendant’ with a box of Kleenex next to the wax model. As teenage girls posted pictures of themselves with the singer, they also included the tissue box and happily posted away on social media.

While each of these campaigns differs hugely in its approach, each had a clear aim and made sure it met its expectations – whether that was to strike an emotional chord, be bigger than anything before, play with humour or work with a current trend.

What marketing campaigns caught your attention in 2015?