Three reasons why the Google-Twitter partnership will be great for brands

Written on 21 April, 2015 by Steve Mayall
Categories: General Wholesale | Tags: google, social media, twitter

The king of search and the forerunners of microblogging have joined forces, but what will a Google-Twitter hook-up mean for your business?

The new partnership will allow the search engine to show real-time tweets in its search results, giving tweets the opportunity for higher visibility and Google the ability to get ahead of news stories and trends that break on the social site.

Twitter trends offer brands exposure

According to Bloomberg, tweets will start appearing on Google SERPs within the first half of this year and Google will no longer have to trawl Twitter for relevant tweets – they'll appear automatically instead. Brands will have the opportunity to use this switch to their advantage, as long as they're able to move quickly and get on board with real-time marketing.

As Google gets even better at staying on top of events as they're happening, a brand's ability to be reactive to rising trends and promotions will become a valuable commodity. Promoting discounts and offers tied to real world events or linking products to viral content will offer businesses the chance to piggyback on events which are taking the social world by storm.

Tweets will have more reach

However, with better reach also comes higher potential risks. If Google is able to give tweets increased longevity, brands will have to be especially careful when it comes to curating content and moderating what is being said about their business on social media. The turbulent and fast-paced world of social media makes it very easy for messages to become mixed, and many businesses have made embarrassing mistakes on sites such as Twitter.

What's more, although following the zeitgeist may be an excellent way to sell products in the short term, brands will also have to consider what images or approaches they'll be happy to find listed in relation to their business in years to come.

Search will become even more social

A social media presence has long been an important factor in building discoverability for brands in the search results, and this new development will only see the two strands linking more clearly.

Search marketing is likely to move to greater prominence for brands of all shapes and sizes, and businesses will continue to look for ways to improve user experience over a whole range of devices and platforms.

If your brand doesn't already have a Twitter campaign, now is the time to develop a killer real-time, social presence to help future proof your marketing strategy.