Top 5 reasons why online businesses fail

Written on 15 May, 2012 by TPP Wholesale
Categories: General Wholesale, Web Design | Tags: online business

It's a competitive world online, but every business must have a web presence – otherwise they run the risk of having customers visit their competitors instead. Don't repeat the all-too-common mistakes of online businesses failure.

There are many traps businesses fall into when moving into the online realm. However, you can avoid the common pitfalls but familiarising yourself with mistakes other companies have made – so you don’t have to!

  1. Poor navigation and design

    You have just a few seconds to captivate your viewers, so first impressions count. Websites that look cheaply designed, lack planning and have no discernible navigation structure will force consumers to leave. Put thought into your business website by creating an appealing design, offering great content and having an easy to navigate menu. Promote faster load times by limiting plug-ins and using web-friendly image and video files (such as .jpegs and embedded videos).

  2. Bad SEO

    Your webmaster must take the necessary search engine optimisation (SEO) steps to ensure your business website is optimised and can be found online by both search engine spiders and consumers. In order to do this, you must integrate keywords and phrases within your page copy and image/video tags that target consumers who will use those keywords when searching for your business. If your SEO strategy is lacking or totally non-existent, you're setting your business up to fail.

  3. Zero targeting

    Any business that says “everybody” is their audience clearly has no understanding of who they are targeting. Marketing basics will tell you that different demographics obtain information differently. Your goal as an online business is to attract the right consumer traffic to your website – the type of people that will actually buy your products/services. There's no profit in high traffic numbers if the audience won't make a purchase.

  4. No desire to plan

    What are your goals and aims? What about your strategy to produce quality content on your business website and blog that consumers actually want to read? Online businesses that have no aims fail. You need to be able to measure your success. What's the purpose in making sales if you can't work out how much that conversion cost in advertising (ROI) or how you made the sale?

  5. No social media

    Businesses need to be part of the social media conversation, since consumers prefer to interact with a business on their official Twitter, Facebook, Flickr or LinkedIn pages. It's the space where consumers hang out and your business must take advantage of that. Social media is also a viable medium to promote new product launches, new information and new competitions in order to increase web presence.

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