Top 6 threats to your cloud hosting infrastructure

Written on 07 March, 2016 by TPP Wholesale
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Cloud hosting offers SMBs a flexible, scalable and secure way to store important data – but that doesn't mean businesses can afford to ignore potential security risks. Learn how to protect your own data and discover some top protection tips to pass on to your clients.

1. Data breaches

The malicious theft of data for profit or exploitation remains a top threat for businesses of all sizes. While larger, more profitable businesses are more likely to be targeted, even SMBs must be vigilant. The best way to protect data from breaches is to ensure it is encrypted, so if you have e-commerce clients who transact online, SSL Certificates are a must.

2. DDoS attacks

A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack aims to take down a service for as long as possible, leaving businesses (and their customers) unable to access their services. One of the most common attacks in existence today, it remains a threat best neutralised by choosing a provider wisely. The better the cloud hosting provider, the more likely it is that attacks can be avoided or quickly resolved.

3. Data loss

Loss of data is another problem to be tackled. Often this is the result of human error, hard drive corruption before data has been successfully uploaded to the cloud, malicious behaviour or server failures altogether. To avoid data loss, it's essential that information is backed up regularly and in more than one location.

4. Cloud hackers

The large scope of the cloud is one of its biggest benefits, but some untrustworthy individuals may exploit this power to serve malware or launch DDoS attacks. To nip this problem in the bud, cloud service providers must be vigilant against malicious behaviour on their cloud servers.

5. Lack of knowledge

Some SMBs launch themselves into the cloud without taking the time to fully understand what they're signing up for. This paves the way for security lapses, human error and insufficient protection. Help your clients get a grip on their cloud hosting packages and online security to ensure they are protecting their business data.

6. Untrustworthy users

It's also worth thinking about the potential for untrustworthy individuals working from within. To avoid data leaks or issues caused by unreliable workers, SMBs should keep their encryption keys off the cloud and limit employee access to sensitive data.

The easiest way to minimise cloud threats is to retain the services of a secure host. The more experienced and vigilant your provider, the less likely it is that you or your clients will face problems.

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