Top four benefits of new gTLDs

Written on 11 July, 2016 by Diana Le
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New gTLDs have caused a bit of a stir over the past two years – are they really beneficial to the appearance of your website? Some believe there is no real advantage to obtaining a new domain extension, considering it merely a new means of revenue generation, and something which may wipe out the basic gTLDs internet goers are familiar with: .com, .net, .info etc.

Others recognise that these new domain spaces are a game changer to the World Wide Web. The big companies certainly seem to think so; Google acquired exclusive rights to the .app domain for a whopping million over a year ago, while Amazon purchased .buy for million.

In this new generation of online marketing, just focusing on customer service and content management is not enough to get you over the line. Consistently updating your online marketing strategy to keep up with the industry is necessary. It’s like keeping up to date with today’s fashion – out with the old, in with the new. Nobody wants to be dressed in those scraggy denim jeans Aunty Jane bought for you seven years ago. If you have an online presence, it’s worth thinking about investing in one or a few of the many new extensions available and start creating new opportunities.

Here are a few reasons why:

Brand protection

Jack has a website with the domain and operates in Sydney. How many other Jack’s and Sydney-based plumbing services are there within proximity? It’s Jack’s chance to protect his brand and make his business name recognisable and memorable in the online space. One way to stand out from his competition could be by registering:


Opportunity to expand

These new domain extensions are an open window for new ideas, new business strategies, new goals and new customers. The traditional domain spaces are becoming crowded – many possible domain options are already registered and it can be challenging thinking of a domain name suitable for your needs. Now with the thousands of new gTLDs, the opportunity to create multiple unique domain names is near endless.

May assist with SEO and Google AdWords

There is still debate on whether a keyword-heavy domain may assist with search rankings, but regardless, Google often changes their algorithm. Who knows what Google intends doing in the next few years, but it wouldn’t hurt to register a new gTLD. At least if it becomes certain that new gTLD domains do boost SEO rankings, you’ve locked yours in. We’d imagine since Google themselves invested millions in .app, new domain spaces would benefit in some way. According to Donuts registry, there is evidence to suggest that Google favours new gTLDs over the .com.

Makes great business sense

It’s a smart move to keep up to date with today’s marketing trends. Can you imagine falling behind the starting line while all your competitors are on top of the game and their audience is responding to their new creative strategy? It creates curiosity which encourages engagement.