Why wholesale and what services can I resell?

Written on 13 December, 2013 by TPP Wholesale
Categories: Domains, General Wholesale, Hosting | Tags: domain names, resell, web hosting

Almost every company has a website these days, and many will have multiple domains registered – some with their core site and a number of different top-level domains, others with different sites for different purposes. Many web design agencies and IT companies are cashing in on this by reselling domains and hosting to their clients.

Grow your business

If you're already doing work online for other companies then offering them another service is a great way to upsell and get more business from them. Having another string to your bow is also a good way of getting new customers who may have heard about your top-quality customer service but aren't necessarily interested in your core product.

No upfront costs

Unlike most business ventures, you don't need to have huge capital to get started, and there are no hardware or software purchases required to begin. The servers will all be run, tested and maintained by another company so you won't have to hire any specialists to help with the project.

Most common services to resell

At TPP Wholesale, the two most resold services are domain registration and web hosting. While domain registration is a one-off payment (that may be renewed every year), hosting brings in payments every month. White-label services let you sell the services under your own brand, making your customers believe that you're the only one involved in the process and allow you to set your own prices, add your own customer support touches and create bundled packages with other services you offer.

When you're going into domain re-selling, it's important that you work with a company that is ICANN registered. This accreditation goes a long way to showing that the company you're working with is credible.

If you are interested in any of TPP Wholesale services and would like to re-sell any of our products to your customers, please contact one of our wholesale consultants who will be more than happy to discuss the options available to you.