Domain Portfolio management

Your domain portfolio will be assigned to a dedicated and expert account manager who will manage your monthly renewal process, custom monthly reporting and aftermarket acquisitions. Their expertise includes:

  • auDA policies
  • ccTLD purchase/transfer and renewal policies
  • Aftermarket domain purchasing and escrow services
  • Domain migration processes

The TPP Corporate Domain Name Program is designed to assist large corporations, IP consultants and governments with the expert management of their domain name portfolio, with an emphasis on personal and effective service.

Your dedicated account manager is a domain name expert and will provide monthly custom reporting outlining your current portfolio and will also be on hand to answer any enquiries. For expert advice, easy domain name registration and renewal then leave the management of your corporate domains to the experts.

ccTLD support

We support all major country specific domain extensions (ccTLDs). This gives us access to multiple suppliers allowing us to access a wide range of support extensions and pricing options, in turn we are able to offer the easiest and most appropriate solution for our clients.

Your account manager will have extensive knowledge in the registration, renewal and transfer process required for each extension. They can help minimise down time and help speed up the domain purchase process as well as ensure that any domain names transferred in/out is seamless and there is no down time during renewals.


With our Corporate Domain Name Program, companies have access to TPP Wholesales Global Anycast DNS product. This product enables companies the freedom to guarantee customers visiting their site from any global location a faster response time and greater redundancy for DNS downtime.

Anycast is a routing and IP address policy to achieve the most efficient path between a single source and several geographically dispersed targets. Anycast DNS allows multiple, identical, global DNS servers using the same IP address with handling and routing the request to the closest location.


If you require after hours support TPP Wholesale offers a 24/7 support team. Each member of our support team is trained and equipped with the knowledge to help you with domain management and requested changes.


Netfleet is Australia's largest domain trading website, it allows you to buy and sell premium domain names. For a specific domain name or keyword rich domain, your account manager will broker the deal with the domain owner or advise when the domain is available for sale/auction in the aftermarket. Netfleet is the domain name aftermarket partner of Netregistry Group Ltd. Learn more about Netfleet.


Domain migration

If you're looking to migrate all your domains from your current provider, TPP Wholesale can manage your domain migration defining the scope and requirements needed to complete a smooth and gapless migration to our Corporate Program.

In the past we have completed migrations from 50 domains up to 4,500 domains and several migrations for much larger companies; managing the migration of portfolios with multiple suppliers to one single provider and for larger portfolios staggered the migration to help with the transfer of multiple domains in bulk. If you are looking to migrate your domains quickly, our proprietary developed TPP Wholesale admin panel can process bulk transfers with minimal staff involvement.