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Ideal for small agencies, web hosts and resellers needing greater flexibility

  • cPanel WHM Admin Panel

    If you are an experienced host running multiple domains, cPanel WHM simplifies the administration of your customers hosting accounts. Create, add and manage multiple end-user cPanel accounts within a single WHM account.

  • Flexibility

    You have complete control over the allocation of your bulk cPanel hosting resources to distribute to your customers, including product specifications and pricing.

  • Powered by VMware

    VMware is the leader in enterprise grade virtualisation technology. They deliver a trusted and reliable platform on which to host your cPanel WHM. Learn more about VMware.

  • WHMCS integration

    By integrating your cPanel WHM plan into your WHMCS installation, managing multiple hosting customers is made easier with automated hosting provisioning and an enhanced customer experience.

  • CloudLinux

    We have loaded CloudLinux on our servers so that your customers are not effected when one website saps resources. We are able to isolate the customer, saving you time and money in support and reputation.

  • Install over 50 apps

    SimpleScripts is installed across all our servers, so your customers can choose to install over 50 applications to at the click of a button.

Management features

  • Admin Panel

    Order and manage cPanel WHM hosting directly from your control panel. Ideal for resellers that are serious about hosting and being competitive in the market.

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    WHMCS offers more control with our feature packed module which is continually evolving. With WHMCS it's easy to migrate from an existing provider to TPP Wholesale.

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