Web Hosting Plan

Every website needs web hosting and finding the best web hosting plan for you is critical to optimising website performance. At TPP Wholesale, we have 3 web hosting products that have been created based on various customer needs. They include Shared cPanel Hosting, cPanel WHM Hosting and VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Servers).  

Shared cPanel Web Hosting Plan  

Shared cPanel Hosting is a great affordable hosting option for beginners and small and medium-sized websites. From Web designers to digital/SEO agencies, shared cPanel hosting is the most popular choice. This is because it allows you to host multiple websites on the same server and share resources with other users, making it generally more affordable than dedicated hosting.  

In terms of scalability, shared cPanel plans often offer the flexibility to upgrade or scale resources if your website’s needs grow over time. This allows users to start with an entry-level plan and then expand as their website gains popularity.  

Our shared cPanel hosting plans offer built-in applications and scripts that simplify the process of adding functionality to websites through content management systems (CMS) or other software. In addition, we include backup options (JetBackup), providing users with the ability to restore their websites to a previous state in case of data loss or errors. Don’t forget there are also free SSL Certificates, free 30-day backup and self-managed restores.  

At TPP Wholesale, we offer three plans of shared cPanel Hosting:  

  • Shared cPanel Essential  
  • Shared cPanel Advanced  
  • Shared cPanel Elite  

Each of these types has a “Plus” plan tier that increases the CPU, RAM, Throughput, IOPs, but keeps the same storage and bandwidth. This allows customers to purchase additional performance more economically, without having to buy extra storage they don’t need.  

These three types vary depending on storage, CPU, RAM, and Throughput and can be discovered more in detail here.  

cPanel WHM Web Hosting Plan  

The next level of hosting is cPanel WHM Hosting. They share reliability, high security and great management with cPanel. WHM is designed for full control reseller control of hosting plans and is important for reselling hosting. WHM stands for Web Host Manager, which is an administrative control tool that allows the user to manage the back end of many cPanel accounts. 

This type of hosting is great for people who would like to sell a limited number of smaller hosting plans directly to customers without having multiple billing lines. It gives full control from multiple account management, resource allocation to account customisation.  

To begin, multiple account management enables customers to create and manage multiple cPanel accounts, each with its own set of resources, domains and settings. cPanel WHM Hosting allows customers to allocate and manage server resources, such as disk space and bandwidth. Lastly, accounts can be customised and configured based on the specific needs of clients and/or users for full account customisation. Therefore, it’s a great hosting package for resellers of web hosting due to its flexibility and reliability.  

At TPP Wholesale, we offer 3 plans of cPanel WHM Hosting:  

  • WHM Essential  
  • WHM Advanced  
  • WHM Elite  

These plans offer full flexibility and world-class and lightning-fast hosting. Not only will you manage a more integrated customer hosting service, but you will also have the flexibility to create individual accounts, add domains, custom hosting packages and much more.  

This is why we’ve introduced a new entry-level plan to allow resellers to access all the advantages of cPanel WHM Hosting for a more economical price point while still having all the advantages of a high-performance platform.  

VPS Web Hosting Plan  

For more customisation and greater performance, look no further than VPS Hosting. It is a single virtual private server that hosts multiple isolated units, and each unit is dedicated to an individual website.  

What does this mean? It means that there is enhanced performance and security with more storage. Ultimately, it offers fully dedicated resources for your website. It provides dedicated resources such as CPU, RAM and disk space to ensure consistent performance for your website and each VPS operates in its isolated environment, ensuring that the performance of one is not affected by another. Because resources are dedicated to VPS hosting, there is generally better performance and faster loading times for websites compared to shared cPanel hosting or cPanel WHM hosting.  

Overall, VPS Hosting is great for advanced users and scaling websites. Thus, it is perfect for growing registrars, SaaS (Software as a Service) services, Domainers and managed service providers.  

At TPP Wholesale, we offer 3 plans of VPS Hosting:  

  • VPS Essential  
  • VPS Advanced  
  • VPS Elite  

With high levels of storage and bandwidth, our VPS Hosting service offers the most advanced server and network technology in the Australian market at a competitive price.  

Web Hosting Plan

Performance and ease of use are key for our clients and this new platform delivers just that with outstanding compute, network and storage performance with technology and dedicated hours of technical support to ensure all clients get exactly the help they need to get set up and manage their services.  

At TPP Wholesale, all packages have reliable customer support and feel free to check out our customer reviews on Trustpilot here. In addition, all plans offer uninterrupted service, maximum uptime and robust security. We are here to help you with all your Web Hosting needs, and please contact us with any questions about our Web Hosting Plan packages.  

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