With millions of Microsoft 365 users all over the world, it has become one of the most popular productivity suites with a variety of functions under one umbrella. Thus, many are also interested in how to sell Microsoft 365 because it has strong profit potential and could make your business profitable, but let’s find out more about why you should sell Microsoft 365.

Sell Microsoft 365

What is Microsoft 365? 

Microsoft 365 can be defined as the ultimate online connector between individuals and businesses. Its innovative software enhances collaboration, and security of all work and boosts the productivity of all those who use it. Thus, offering your customers the ability to create, manage and connect their work using powerful tools in one place would not only be ideal but would allow both yourself and your customer to grow together.

Firstly, Microsoft 365 gives you secure collaboration tools that transform the way we work through advanced security file sharing, easy-to-use chat systems and integrated video conferencing to connect with your team or customers from anywhere and on any device. With the endless secure opportunities to connect, productivity at work can be expected to go through the roof. However, it’s not just that. Microsoft 365 makes you look like you mean business from its professional email address, files stored safely on its cloud, meetings on the go with Microsoft Teams and the latest updates delivered automatically to you.

Microsoft 365 allows you to get things done from Microsoft Word, where you can create documents and improve your writing with built-in intelligent features to Microsoft Excel that simplifies data and creates easy-to-read and understandable spreadsheets. Don’t forget Microsoft PowerPoint helps with creating polished presentations, where teams will be able to connect through Microsoft Teams for meetings, chatting and calls, Microsoft Outlook for personal management of emails, calendars and contacts and lastly connecting all files and photos in the Microsoft OneDrive.

Sell Microsoft 365

Why you should sell Microsoft 365? 

Now, selling Microsoft 365 services allows your customers to meet the high demand of all different-sized businesses. They can conveniently come to you for all their office and digital needs, making it less complex, and simple and as the reseller, you become the dedicated touchpoint for unbeatable customer service. Not only that, but there are also many different plans from Microsoft 365 Business Plans, Enterprise Plans, Exchange Online Plans and App Plans to meet everyone’s needs from mailbox storage to additional features and built-in data loss protection.

As a reseller, you will be able to stay on top of your customer’s needs, trusting the collaborative solution of Microsoft 365 and you will be able to reach new markets. This product will not only boost your customers’ productivity and performance but also allow them to adapt the product and white label it to their needs. Migrations will also be easy as Microsoft 365 is focused on being compatible and connective.

Tips on how to sell Microsoft 365 

 When communicating to your customers about Microsoft 365, it is important to do the 3 following steps.

  1. Offer your customer support as their trainer or mentor for this powerful tool. Listen to their pain points and try to find ways to help them fully implement Microsoft 365 in the best way possible for their team. You must focus on building your relationship with them and subsequently their relationship with their team.

  1. Share any insights and analytics on Microsoft 365 with your customers so they can track their productivity and grow their overall business.

  1. Bundle the different Microsoft tools together to get the best benefit of having all these solutions under one cloud and investigate opportunities to cross-sell or open to similar markets.

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